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The Only Moving To-Do List You’ll Ever Need

Once you’re certain that relocation around the local area is happening, it is crucial to make a substantial moving to-do list. No matter if you’re planning a small apartment move or you are relocating your office or just a few bulky pieces of furniture - the sooner you start planning your move, the better. If you lack organizing skills and want to make sure everything goes smoothly and easily, following your moving list, if it’s a good one, will save you from any troubles and unexpected problems that might occur if you simply decide to go with the flow.

 A substantial checklist is an essential part of every successful move 

If you don’t have any previous relocation experience or you want to avoid past mistakes, this convenient article will help you take the right steps and choose the best solutions. One of the smartest things you can do for yourself is to hire professionals. Let them do their job and handle your belongings, while you can relax and think about other important things such as choosing a good school for your children and transferring utilities to your new address.

How Do I Start Preparing to Move?

How to organize your move and how to start preparing? Is there a checklist for moving? There is more than one! You can write a separate checklist for every part of the move, for example, two different lists for the packing and unpacking process. Apart from the packing list, you can also make a new apartment checklist and write down all of your new home inventory - if some things were broken or damaged when you got there or to ensure everything you brought from your old place got there safely.

Think About Your Priorities Before Making Final Decisions

Some of the basic things you need to decide once you find out that relocation is happening is where you are going to relocate and how to find the best house or apartment that suits your needs. You can contact local real estate agents and discuss financial matters with them. If you’re on a budget, you should be extra careful with the plans you make. If you’re relocating with pets or you have young children, you should also think about their needs. Are there any good schools or dog-friendly places in the neighborhood you’re relocating to? If the answer is negative, you should reconsider your other options and find the most convenient solution. If your children don’t want to move, you need to prepare them for this step very carefully and gradually. These are just some of the basic steps you should take if you start preparing on time.

 Book movers in advance

What Should I Do 30 Days Before Moving?

The list of things to do when moving should begin with a few simple tasks that can spread throughout the upcoming weeks. Choose a neighborhood you are going to relocate to and take some of the most important things into consideration before making a final decision. How far is it from your workplace? What is the average commute time? Are there any good schools in that area? Is it safe and family-friendly or is it more suitable for singles? What is the approximate cost of living? Compare these to your specific needs and situation before making any big decisions.

Find Budget-Friendly Options

Once you make the final decision, you should think about hiring professionals considering your current location and the neighborhood you’re relocating to. Use some of the best Mod24 features - using an app to compare moving companies, it will be easy to decide which options meet your needs in the most convenient way and avoid relocation scams. If you want to save money to move and you’re interested in the average prices of required services, you can get free quotes from different companies and compare them before making a final choice. There are also some great moving hacks that will help you save up.

These Few Weeks Are Great for Decluttering

Professionals will probably want to do an inspection of your home and the items you wish to relocate. If you aren’t certain about some bulky furniture pieces, you should take measurements of your new space and compare them to the size of your belongings. Unfortunately, you might find that some of the pieces are too large or simply don’t fit into your new space, so it’s probably for the best that you get rid of them. If they are still in good and usable condition, you can always sell or donate them. If some things like old mattresses need to be disposed of, contact some of the local curbside trash collector services or junk removal services and ask them which dates are convenient for these kinds of disposals.

Take Care of Utilities and Other Tasks

Another important thing you should discuss with your relocation company is insurance - some of them include this as part of the main deal, and you can pay extra fees for some additional valuable inventory. Also, don’t forget to transfer your utilities to your new address - there is no need to pay them for a month you won’t be spending in your old home, especially if you’re on a tight moving budget. The last thing you are supposed to do in advance is to book child care or find someone who could take care of your pets during the relocation. Also, contact your office to let them know you’re relocating and take a few days off if possible.

 Transfer utilities to your new address at least four weeks in advance

What Should I Do 3 Weeks Before Moving?

As time passes during the last three weeks, and you take care of some crucial questions, it’s time to start packing. Start this process by making a list of belongings you want to relocate and think about the packing supplies you’ll need to gather in order to protect your inventory. You can ask local shop owners for cardboard boxes they don’t need and buy other materials online. Another option is to use some alternative packing methods, such as towels and blankets, to protect fragile inventory. Include purchasing some of these packing materials in your to-do list for moving:

     Cardboard boxes,

     Plastic containers or boxes,


     Plastic wrap,

     Bubble wrap and other cushioning,


Pack Step by Step - Plan Every Day

Once you gather all the necessary materials and organize all of the important documents, you have to plan what you are going to pack first. Start with a storage inventory and things you rarely use. This could also include seasonal clothing and Christmas decorations. As time goes by, continue by packing paintings and other wall decorations, ornaments, books, and kitchen cabinets with dishes you don’t use often.

Remember to label everything just to stay sure - this will make the unpacking process much easier. Also, don’t forget to check with your movers if your reservation is confirmed. If some unexpected changes happen, or the weather conditions change significantly, it is sometimes better to postpone the move for another more suitable moment. In case this happens, it’s better to change the dates in advance rather than wait for the last moment.

 Pack storage inventory first

Last Week Preparations

The moving list of things to do before leaving your old home should also include throwing away food you aren’t going to use or relocate - some of the things might expire, or containers might already be open. Refill prescriptions if you have any and get some extra food for your pets. This period is also good for dissembling some pieces of furniture you left for the end - like chairs or a sofa. After everything is packed, do small repairs of the things you damaged while you lived there and clean everything.

Essential Items - First Day Box

The moving inventory list should also include a box with essential items. This box or bag should contain some of the things you use daily - medicine, chargers, toothbrushes, and everything else you will need right away. You should also pack some fresh and comfortable clothes and shoes, as well as clean towels and bed covers. If you are relocating with your family, every member should pack their personal belongings, and one person can be in charge of joint inventory.

 Pack a bag with essentials for the relocation day

What Should You Do on the Big Day?

When the big day finally comes, everything should go smoothly if you follow the previous steps. Some of the additional things you should do are to protect floors and fragile surfaces and supervise your movers. If you are pleased with these services, which we strongly believe you will be if you rely on the Mod24 app for moving and hire some of our suggested companies, don’t forget to tip them depending on your preferences and possibilities.

Don’t forget to tip your movers

Things You Should Do When You Move Into Your New Home

The list of things to do when moving into a new house includes checking if everything there is in working order and writing down everything you find suspicious so you can let your landlord know about it. Check if all the listed items, such as the washing machine, are there and see if wall plugs are functioning correctly, as well as whether the utilities have been reconnected. Wintertime relocations might be more challenging, but they are an excellent opportunity to check your new place under the worst weather conditions and ensure heating is working properly. If some of the previously mentioned items aren’t there - notify the person in charge.

Also, check if all of your belongings from the old home got there safely and make sure movers put all the boxes and items in the assigned place. They can also help you assemble some disassembled bulky pieces and take them upstairs. After you unpack everything, you can slowly start rearranging your new space and figure out where you are going to place small pieces. You can also take some time to walk around your new neighborhood and check out the local stores. 

Your Moving To-Do List Should Also Include Hiring a Professional Relocation Company - Find Movers With Mod24

Once you get familiar with moving industry challenges and issues and industry statistics and trends, you can decide where you are going to relocate and set up the most convenient date for your move. If your budget is limited, and you still want to hire professional movers in your local area, you can use the Mod24 moving app. 

What can Mod24 bring to the industry? This platform is made for people who want to compare their options and choose the best ones. You can type in the price range and your current location, and we’ll make sure you find a reliable company that can help you under the requested terms. Professional movers can show you how to move efficiently and give you some excellent relocation tips. So contact us now and enjoy great possibilities from the comfort of your own home. We can help you move around Seattle, find professionals in Lakewood or even Lynwood

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