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10 Moving companies in Lakewood

Are you moving a business into Lakewood, WA, to seek new opportunities? Are you and your family moving out to Lakewood to turn over a new leaf? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Mod24, we feature a list of the best professional Lakewood movers. Lakewood isn’t just a beautiful city in Pierce County. It’s also home to several parks, lakes, and creeks. Because the city is a prime location for building a family and future, you can find the best moving companies in Lakewood. Continue below to see a list of Lakewood companies that offer full service and more.

Find rates

Achilles Pro Movers

Booked 3 moves

(6 reviews)

starting at

$160 /h

Movers Lake Stevens

Booked 32 moves

(8 reviews)

starting at

$163 /h

The One Moving Mercer Island

Booked 0 moves

(2 reviews)

starting at

$164 /h

Strongman Issaquah

Booked 3 moves

(8 reviews)

starting at

$169 /h

Apartment Movers Seattle

Booked 13 moves

(9 reviews)

starting at

$161 /h

Simple Move Redmond

Booked 515 moves

(30 reviews)

starting at

$170 /h

Want to find out more about moving in Lakewood?

Local and Long-Distance Movers in Lakewood, WA

Not all moves consist of cross-country travel and transportation. Sometimes, people move from their hometown to a neighboring city. They may even move from one place within the Lakewood area to another. If you're in the same boat, what you need are local Lakewood movers.

Mod24 also features long-distance moving companies that can work with people relocating long-distance. They have the experience and training to transport your furniture and items over many miles. They know the best routes and will work with you to bring your items to your new place on schedule.


Answers to asked questions about moving to or from Lakewood

How much do movers in Lakewood cost?

The average cost of hiring a Lakewood moving company is $516. The total can be higher or lower depending on your items, needs, and other factors. For example, if you hire an extra helper, the move will cost more.

How can I find the best moving companies in Lakewood?

Finding a moving company in Washington state isn't easy, especially when you have so many choices. The best way to decide is to see which company can best cater to your needs. For example, some businesses require special tools to move work equipment.

Can I use digital payments to pay for moving services?

Yes, you absolutely can. Most movers today accept digital or cashless payments for their services. If you're in doubt, contact the moving company of your choice to confirm. Otherwise, you may need to find a nearby ATM to withdraw cash.

How long does moving to Lakewood take?

Four hours is the average length of time required for loading and unloading. If you have more furniture or require packing services, the move can take longer. Hire an extra helper if you need to rush the transit.

How many movers do I need for my move to Lakewood?

Two to three trained movers are enough for a typical residential move. They can also help pack your items and unpack them around your house. If you have more items or furniture, you may need more people at a higher price.

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