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Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you today?

How do I create an account?

You can sign up with your social media account or with your email address. You’ll need to verify your phone number if you wish to move with a company listed on mod24.

Why do you need my phone number?

This is to ensure the company can reach out to you when the move starts.

I forgot my password, can I reset it?

You can reset your password from the Login page by following the “Forgot password?” link and the instructions sent via email.

What is my Dashboard?

Dashboard is a place where you can check your personal details, change the password, see upcoming moves and transactions made.

I’m not seeing any company in my area, why?

There aren’t any companies at the moment that cover the area and are listed on mod24.

Company I want to select doesn't have free slots, what to do?

You can try picking a different move date or arrival window to check their availability. Or choose a different company.

What happens after I book?

The company will be notified there’s a new move and that move is added on their schedule. They will get in touch with you if additional information is necessary.

How can I track the status of my move?

Since you’ve created an account you can login in and go to your Dashboard. You can see the status of your current move, transactions move, leave a rating once the move is done, etc.

Do I get a confirmation after I book?

Yes, you’ll receive an email notification after you book with mod24.

What is the timer countdown when I try to book?

The timer shows you how much time you have until your selected slot is no longer reserved for you. Consider it as the time we keep the date and arrival window for you.

Can I reschedule my move?

You can contact the company from the info provided in the booking confirmation email. Reach out and check about your move.

Can I cancel my move?

Yes, you can go to your dashboard and click to Cancel your upcoming move. Just leave a message with a reason for your cancellation and that’s it.

Will I get a refund for cancellation?

Cancellation policy is handled by the company you booked with. If there was an issue with this, reach out to our customer support team via hello@mod24.com or through our web chat.

What is the transaction fee upon booking?

The transaction fee is a percentage taken for the online transaction made with your credit card.

Are there any additional fees I should be aware of?

Booking with our platform you’ll pay a deposit to the company and the transaction fee % will be added on top. Everything else that is added on top is due to circumstances on the move day, the company will reach out to you for additional details regarding heavy items, stairs, etc.

Can I remove or edit my payment methods?

When you login to your profile on mod24, you can adjust Billing information from the Edit profile page. You can remove or add credit card information here.

Where is my credit card info stored?

We, as mod24, do not store your credit card details. Your billing information is safely stored with a payment processor or gateway, such as Authorize.net or Stripe.

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