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7 Expert Tips on How to Move Efficiently

It's great to have a go-with-the-flow attitude regarding your relocation, but it’s even better to learn how to move efficiently to prevent any mishaps and avoid stressful situations. We have come up with a list of 7 expert tips on how to organize your move in the most methodical way. Keep reading to learn more!

Follow these tips and things will run smoothly.

#1 Create a Moving Tasks Calendar and Stick to It

Spend some time creating a new apartment checklist and mapping out everything you have to do. Get an oversized calendar and write down important everyday errands you need to take care of before relocating. For example, “contact the movers on Tuesday,” or “pick up the boxes on Wednesday”. This will help you stay on track even when you're short on time. An extra benefit of using the calendar system is dividing the activities between family members for more efficiency. You can “tag” the person designated to do the task by putting down their name in the box.

Efficiency requires a strict schedule.

#2 Get Rid of Everything You Won’t Need in Your New Home

Go through every room, nook, and cranny in your home and take out what you no longer want or need. Separate the items into three categories: giveaways, recyclables, and throwaways. Don’t let sentimentality get in the way of decluttering; this is a perfect opportunity to get rid of things that have been loitering around for years. Avoid the temptation to pack your entire house and carefully sort through your belongings. Saving your resources for the stuff that matters is the definition of efficiency.

Donate Before Moving

Once you’ve gotten rid of the jumble, you could consider giving the rest away to local charities. Provided it’s in good shape, anything is up for donation. For example, instead of throwing away used linens and towels, you can inquire with your local animal shelter and see if they might need them. Do you have furniture or other bulky household items you don’t plan on taking with you? Look up where you can donate furniture in Seattle, for example, and arrange for a charitable organization to pick it up before you move.  

Now is the perfect time to give back to the community!

#3 Pack a Moving Essentials Bag in Advance

Set a little duffel bag aside before you start packing and fill it with the things you can't afford to misplace. It should include any prescriptions you have, important documents, everyday toiletries, and if you’re moving with pets, a couple of cans with food. Until you have put together your bag of essentials, don’t start packing. Make sure to pack a suitcase for each family member as well. Don’t forget to bring fresh toothbrushes and toothpaste, towels and washcloths, a disposable razor if necessary, and some casual clothes (sweats or anything similar) for the first few days in your new home until you unpack. Keep these boxes or suitcases in a secure location, either in the car or a neighbor's house, so that the movers don’t accidentally load them onto the truck.

#4 Gather the Right Packing Supplies and Use Different-Sized Boxes

Arm yourself with moving boxes and the right supplies for the most efficient way to pack for moving. Make sure to obtain high-quality packaging materials and sturdy different-sized boxes or cartons; contacting a specialist might be wise. Also, you need to acquire:

     Padding blankets

     Bubble wrap

     Packing paper



     Heavy-duty tape

     Labeling stickers

     Marking pens

The proper materials will secure your belongings and prevent any damage.

#5 Follow These Packing Tricks and Tips on How to Move Efficiently

When should you start packing to move? The answer is as soon as possible. The endgame is to get all your belongings from point A to point B intact. The more time you have for the execution, the better. Focus your attention on these nifty tips on how to efficiently pack to move:

Create a Packing Station

You'll need an ample space where all your stuff can be spread out to speed up the packing process. Put all your crates, packaging supplies, including pens, tape, and stickers here. This is your official headquarters from now on.

Pack One Room at a Time

You might be wondering what order should I pack my house in? Well, it’s best to take it one room at a time and create a packing list as you go. Pack everything that fits in a single room together in a space-labeled crate. This makes it easy to unpack when you arrive at your new home. Make sure to first pack the smaller items to keep them out of the way.

Use Soft Items Like Blankets and Towels to Wrap Breakables

By wrapping breakable objects such as vases and glassware in soft items of clothing you need to pack anyway, such as socks, sheets, and clothes, you can kill two birds with one stone.

Use Original Boxes for Your Electronics

Congratulations if you’ve kept the original packaging of your electronics. These boxes were custom-made for your device, which makes them super easy to pack and transport. If you haven't kept the boxes, don’t worry. There are plenty of alternative ways to go about this.

Don’t Take Your Clothes Out of the Drawers

When it comes to clothes, save yourself a ton of time and just pack them as they are. Wrap a tight garbage bag around clothes hanging in the closet, starting from the bottom and tying the cords of the bag around the hangers. Don’t empty the dresser drawers. Simply secure them with packing materials or even keep the whole dresser as is (provided it is not too hard to move). If this isn’t feasible, you can always try the KonMari of folding, demonstrated in the video below.

 #6 Label Boxes Properly to Make Unpacking Easier

As you label the boxes, think about the order in which you are going to unpack them. You could, let’s say, write “#1” on essential boxes containing things you will need in the first few days (for example, your sheets), "#2" on boxes that you will need in the first week (like additional socks), and "#3" on those that can wait. You could also use color-coding, with differently colored stickers for priority marking. Color coding is more efficient, and also makes life easier for the movers.

Make sure you write on multiple sides of the boxes and that your handwriting is legible.

#7 Rely on Professional Movers for Some Tasks

It's perfectly fine to leave a few unresolved tasks and rely on professional movers in your area for help. If you’re looking for a reliable moving company near you, try using Mod24. The platform contains current information on moving industry statistics and trends, and our user-friendly Mod24 features enable you to compare the best moving companies in your area, their reviews, and prices, to determine which one is the right choice for you. For example, let's say you are looking for Seattle movers, or experts to help you move from Renton, just check out Mod24 and you will find the crew. We also can help those living in smaller areas like Auburn or even Cottage Lake

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