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Getting Ready to Pack? Here's a List of Items Movers Won't Move

When it comes to relocations, packing all that you own is a truly demanding task. From organizing to gathering supplies, it all requires time and effort. But, it could all get more nerve-racking if you find out that there are some items movers won't move only after you have placed everything into boxes and sealed them. Just imagine having to rummage through piles of the packed stuff searching for objects you have to throw out. That’s why it is crucial to be well informed and prepared prior to your move.

Propane tanks

If you are already familiar with some relocation tips and various moving hacks, you are probably trying to organize and plan the move accordingly. This includes deciding where to live, finding reputable professionals through a moving company app, and compiling a list of the household objects that will make up your inventory list. This will be used by the moving company to give you an estimate.

You should know in advance that some objects can’t go on a truck for transport. These range from your basic everyday objects, like deodorants and nail polish removers, to fire extinguishers, which contain chemicals at very high pressure. So to avoid last-minute unpacking and removing stuff from your already secured boxes, get to know what won't movers move.

Do Movers Move Everything?

The right professionals will take care of every aspect of your move and provide you with various services, whatever will make sure you have a stress-free move. This includes bringing supplies, disassembling your furniture, and even moving specialty objects, like pianos, even though they weigh from 500 to 1,400 pounds. But when it comes to hazardous and flammable stuff, it is a definite no. 

It’s not their weight nor volume that matters, it's the danger of carrying something that could cause a potential catastrophe, both to your other belongings, as well as the lives of the crew on the truck. Besides these, more obvious objects and materials, there are some other items like food that go on the list of “non-allowables”

Will Movers Move Things Not in Boxes?

Packing your stuff is definitely a time-consuming process, but it can save you some money. If you’re on a tight schedule and everything has to be packed to move in a hurry, don’t worry about it. Reliable companies offer packing services for an additional price and will take care of your belongings. That means they will wrap and secure objects like appliances that will not fit into boxes and large furniture pieces. As for the smaller possessions, they’ll even bring their own supplies and pack everything up in a jiffy, so you can relax and deal with other tasks ahead of you.

Can You Hire Movers to Move One Item?

If you want to organize your move like a pro and avoid being overburdened with tasks so there are no things you forget to do when you move, you’ll want to find a trained and reliable crew to help you achieve it. When you use an app to compare moving companies, you’ll see that relocation professionals offer plenty of services aimed to provide you with a helping hand throughout the whole process. You can also pick just one service, and they can even be hired to move only one object. So the answer is yes, relocation professionals will even help you move just one thing.

Workers carrying a shelf

No Hazardous Material Should Be Transported

Since the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) doesn’t allow professional relocation companies to move some objects and materials, they will most likely present you with a checklist to let you know ahead of time. Don’t worry, if they refuse to transport some of your stuff, it’s not one of those relocation scams. The reason behind this is the safety of the movers’ lives, and the security of your belongings, so not allowing these things to be transported is common sense. Knowing what items will movers not move is one of the relocation essentials:

  • Various types of gasoline,
  • Paints and paint thinner,
  • Acetone and other types of nail polish remover, as well as nail polish,
  • Alcohol,
  • Different types of cleaning products, including bleach and detergents,
  • Disinfectants,
  • Pesticides.

For more information on what is on the list of “non-allowable” objects, you should contact the relocation company and ask before you pack everything up. If you forget to do it on time, it will make your stress levels rise, because you’ll have to search through every bag and box that are already closed and secured to take the prohibited objects out. 

Can I Pack the “Non-Allowed” Items and Not Tell the Moving Company?

Because the listed materials can be a real danger during the move, tricking the professional crew to load them onto the truck is out of the question. If something happens to your goods while they’re being shipped, you are the only person that will be held responsible. And what’s more, neither the company nor your insurance will cover the destroyed goods. 

What Should I Do With These Hazardous Materials?

The best thing you can do is to get rid of everything that you know can’t be shipped. Throw away all the potentially dangerous objects and materials and don’t forget to check all corners of your home so you don’t skip anything. If you’re not sure how to properly dispose of these objects, give the Environmental Protection Agency Office a call, and they will provide you with the necessary information.

Gas bottles in a warehouse

Don’t Forget That Food Is Among the “Non-Allowed” Goods

We know that food isn’t dangerous to you nor to the professional relocation crew, but while you can still pack and ship some foods, perishables aren’t allowed. They aren’t flammable or hazardous in the way that gasoline is, but anything from your kitchen that is perishable can spill, attract insects and mold, and overall create a mess, and that’s why they aren’t allowed on the truck. 

The same goes if you are planning on leaving your possessions in storage units. Keeping them out of your boxes will help you move efficiently, as your belongings won’t sustain damage during transport or while kept in storage. You wouldn’t want to have too many things on your hands when you arrive, from thinking how to stop getting mail for previous residents, to throwing away your belongings that were ruined.

What Should I Do With Perishable Foods?

Planning how much perishable food and groceries to buy before the move-out day will not only help you have less to dispose of, but it will also help you save money to move. You should consider how much food you’ll need until the day you have to leave your house and start consuming and cooking all the food you have in the fridge. If you don’t want to bring any food with you (unopened cans and boxes), donate them to a charity.

Jars with fruit and nuts

Plants Are Among Items Movers Won't Move

Household plants brighten up our homes, and they improve our interiors. From herbs in our kitchens to all kinds of dracaena that fit into most rooms, and not to forget the gorgeous ones like orchids, most of us love having them. But, when you plan to relocate, keep in mind that plants can’t go on the relocation company truck. That’s why it’s best either to give away some of your greenery and write that down on your moving to-do list or to plan to take them with you in your vehicle.

You Can’t Ship Your Pets With Relocation Professionals

Most of us that have furry companions own and use pet crates for traveling with them, and it’s a really handy thing. But, although a crate can be placed almost anywhere, when it comes to moving with pets, keep in mind that these are living things, and you shouldn't place them along with your belongings. They are on the list of “non-allowable” items, but you should also avoid even thinking about this option if you want them to arrive safe and sound to their new home. You have several solutions for this, you can either place them in your car so they can be safe with you, or you can hire a professional pet relocation company.

A dog in a scarf

Transporting Valuables and Documents Depends on the Professionals

When you search for professionals to help you relocate through an app for moving, you can always check out if they can move your valuables with the rest of your stuff. These include credit and debit cards, jewelry, cash, artwork, important papers, antiques, pricey electronics, and different keys. But, when you organize important documents at home and prepare them for your move, along with jewelry and family photos, think about placing them in your car. Even though you will probably pay for third-party insurance, and it will cover for anything lost or damaged, these are objects and memorabilia that have sentimental value which can not be replaced.

Gold and diamond jewelry

Things That Can Be Shipped, but Need Special Preparation for Moving

When you use a moving app to find companies to relocate your stuff, they will provide you with a list of objects they will not ship. While most other belongings are allowed, some of them will actually require special attention and a different approach when preparing. While you’re decluttering to save on your relocation budget and getting rid of unwanted or broken stuff, pay attention to objects that you’re putting on the packing list like appliances and gardening equipment. Gardening tools like lawnmowers and chainsaws must be emptied of gasoline and oil to be properly prepared for transfer. The same goes for your barbeque - if it has a propane tank, it must be removed. Appliances like refrigerators need to be unfrozen and dishwashers emptied of water. Always secure any hose and cables that go with these objects.

Call Professionals and Ask for a Thorough List

While some objects and materials are universally prohibited and illegal for transport in every state, others are not and depend solely on companies to decide. Whether you’re moving from a house to an apartment or you’ve bought a home on the other side of the country, call professionals and ask for a complete list of prohibited items. That way, you can take all “non-allowable” stuff off of your new apartment checklist, avoid any unexpected and potentially dangerous occurrences, and have a safe relocation.

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