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Hiring a professional mover to help you relocate to Cottage Lake, WA can save you hours of labor and reduce anxiety. There are many things to consider when hiring a moving company in Cottage Lake, Washington state.

Whether you're moving across town or across the country, a professional mover will make the process much more convenient and stress-free. In our moving application you will find a list of the best Cottage Lake movers for your next move.

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Things to Know About Cottage Lake, WA

Cottage Lake is a census-designated place in King County, WA. The population is 22,500. It is located 6 miles to the northeast of Redmond and 20 miles southeast of Everett. Life here gives people a rural feel, and most residents own their houses. This is one of Washington's top communities for families with children. In fact, this area is more family-oriented than 99% of neighborhoods in WA. Its mix of excellent schools, low crime rates, and single-family homes that are occupied by owners give this place a sense of a close-knit, caring community.

The Cost of Living Is Somewhat Higher

The average cost of living, including rent, food, child care, education, health care, and taxes for a single person is higher both than the state and national averages. One of the largest factors in the cost of living is housing. The median home value, according to reviews on Niche, is $740,000, more than the US median home value of $205,000. Renting is an alternative to homeownership that is often less expensive. However, only about 7% of homes are occupied by renters, so if you want to rent, your options may be limited. The median renter spends $2,000 on housing a month, which is double the national median rent of $1,000.

Housing Types

Specific areas in Washington consist of apartments, others consist of row homes, but most are a combination of styles of housing. Yet, due to the complete domination of isolated, single-family homes here, this community stands out. The area has virtually no other forms of residential real estate. Also, in its housing stock, this community has a more significant proportion of single-family houses than 96% of all American communities. 

Job Opportunities

Job opportunities are among the most important factors when considering moving somewhere. Here, 54% of the workforce is engaged in corporate, managerial, and technical occupations. The second-most significant occupational sector is sales and service workers, from big sales accounts to employment in fast food joints. Other people work in industrial and labor sectors (17%) and in administrative, assistant, and technical support jobs (11%). Depending on your profession, finding employment here can be quite easy.

Parks and Recreation for Outdoor Activities

Cottage Lake was named after a 63-acre lake located about four miles east of Woodinville. The county park is situated on the northern side of the lake. Since the 1970s, the lake has been described as biologically highly active and experiences regular and extreme blooms of algae in the spring and fall. Cottage Lake Park provides various outdoor opportunities for families to enjoy. Access to the lake allows sailing and fishing, and walking trails, picnic tables, barbeque pits, a picnic shelter, a playground, and restrooms are also available. The park hosts the annual "Music in the Park" free outdoor concerts in the summer, funded by the Community Council of Upper Bear Creek.


The distance between Cottage Lake and the city of Bellevue is around 14 miles. If you’re planning on working in Seattle, your commute will be 20 miles long. The fastest way to travel without a car is to take 545, which takes about an hour. The highest percentage of commuters in Cottage Lake spend around 20 minutes commuting to work (about 33% of working people), which is less than the time spent traveling to work by other Americans on average.

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