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11 Moving companies in Auburn

Are you looking for Auburn movers to help you transport your belongings and furniture? Moving to A-town can signify a big change, especially if you’re going with your family. At Mod24, we want to make your move more manageable by providing you with a list of the best moving companies in Auburn. Each entry in the list features a moving company that offers full service, packing/unpacking services, and more. Many companies below are all-around movers with years of experience and high quality standards. All that’s left for you to do is to examine each company and choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.

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Achilles Pro Movers

Booked 2 moves

(6 reviews)

starting at

$160 /h

Movers Lake Stevens

Booked 31 moves

(8 reviews)

starting at

$163 /h

The One Moving Mercer Island

Booked 0 moves

(2 reviews)

starting at

$164 /h

Strongman Issaquah

Booked 3 moves

(8 reviews)

starting at

$169 /h

Apartment Movers Seattle

Booked 13 moves

(9 reviews)

starting at

$161 /h

Simple Move Redmond

Booked 514 moves

(30 reviews)

starting at

$170 /h

Want to find out more about moving in Auburn?

Local and Long-Distance Movers in Auburn, WA

Are you moving to Auburn with your family from another nearby WA town? If you want local Auburn movers, you've come to the right place. The local moving companies have prices that will match anyone's budget.

If you're coming from further out, you're looking for the best Auburn long-distance moving companies. Our list also features many professional long-distance movers. If you want to be sure about your choice, you can check the reviews section on our page. This way, you can read feedback from their past customers and be secure in your choice of mover.


Answers to asked questions about moving to or from Auburn

How much do movers cost in Auburn?

No move is the same as another, so all movers offer varying quotes. On average, an Auburn mover will cost $336. If you are hiring another mover or have more items to transport, it'll cost more.

How can I find the best moving companies in Auburn?

Picking a moving company is like buying any other service. There are pros and cons to each one. The best way to find one is to consider your budget and needs first of all.

Can I use digital payments to pay for moving services?

Because of the pandemic, most movers today accept cashless or digital payments. If you want to ensure that the mover will take your digital payment, contact them first. Otherwise, you might need to run to a nearby ATM.

How long does moving to Auburn take?

The answer depends on the area you're coming from and how much stuff you have. The loading and unloading times alone are up to four hours total on average. It'll take longer if you have more items.

How many movers do I need for my move to Auburn?

Two movers are average. If you're moving to Auburn and coming from a house or apartment with two bedrooms, hire two to three movers. If you have more items or a larger place, you'll need more movers.

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