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Ultimate List of the Best Suburbs of Seattle in 2020

Living in one of the best suburbs of Seattle doesn't have to be a dull experience, with no social life and happenings - on the contrary. Some of the suburbs offer fantastic nightlife, shops, restaurants, and much more, all the while being away enough from the city's frantic urban heart. If you don't prefer crowded places, traffic jams, and noise, consider some of the top suburban areas of the Emerald City.

Seattle view

Outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, boating, and fishing are just some of the options you will have if you move to some of the best suburbs of Seattle. No matter if you're relocating there alone or with your family, there's certainly a spot that will suit you. Hire one of the recommended moving companies in Seattle WA, and relocate to the outskirts with ample job opportunities, highly-rated schools, and an ideal mix of urban/suburban lifestyle.

Where Should I Live Near Seattle - 2020 Guide

Every big city has its good and bad sides, so if you still want to be close to the metropolis, but to live a less hectic life, move to one of the best suburbs of Seattle. Our selection of Seattle's top suburban areas is:




     Mercer Island






Bellevue Is Certainly One of the Best Suburbs of Seattle

Located east from Downtown, Bellevue is a fantastic place to reside in that offers so many good things. It has around 140 thousand residents, and most of them own their properties. The median home value is $737,000, which is a lot higher than the national median value of $185,000. Median rent is $1,850, almost twice as much as the national, so you can say that housing isn't cheap by any means.

But people who reside there love it - there are more than 200 shops and boutiques, well-kept neighborhoods, and excellent public schools. It's a very diverse community, restaurants and bars are plentiful, and the level of safety is very high.

If you have kids and you're looking for the most suitable spot for them, this might be it. There's a huge park for them and many outdoor activities. Then again, if you're a young professional, you might choose Bellevue because there are plenty of new job opportunities.

If you're looking for a clean community with a great transportation system, choose Bellevue

You'll Fall in Love With Redmond

Just north of Lake Sammamish is one of the true gems that might make you call one of the top Seattle moving companies and relocate right away. Why is that? Well, if someone asks you Is Seattle one of the best places to live, you'll say a definite yes if you've ever been to Redmond.

A bit more than 63 thousand people reside here, and the ratio between owning and renting homes is equal. The median home value is less than in Bellevue - around $630,000, and the median rent is the same as in the previous suburb. If you're searching for a job, keep in mind that Nintendo and Microsoft headquarters are located right here.

What Will Your Life Look Like When Residing in Redmond, One of the Best Suburbs of Seattle?

Firstly, you will feel safe. You can take hiking trails, walk around, use public transport, or whatever you want, and you'll feel safe even if you're doing that alone. This fact is also important for those who want to raise their children here, or for retirees. Numerous beautiful parks, breathtaking views of the Cascade mountains, and close proximity to nature will make your day fulfilled. The community is very friendly, and every resident has only nice things to say about it.

You will find plenty of local businesses and job opportunities in Redmond

If You're Looking for a Quieter Community, Check Out Woodinville

Close to the town center, and yet far enough to look like the countryside. A little bit more than 12 thousand residents enjoy living in this area, only 13 miles from Seattle, and the reasons are plentiful. This is the place to be if you enjoy wineries, breweries, farms, and farmer's markets. Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish are nearby as well, so tourists also love this location.

If you choose to move here, you can have a peaceful and private life in a tight-knit community with everyone looking for each other. Schools here are well above the state average, so your kids can have a great education. The median value of homes is $580,000, and the median rent is $1,800. If you were wondering What is the most expensive neighborhood in Seattle, Woodinville certainly isn't. But still, the locals don't like the high prices of housing.

Woodinville could be suitable for those who are looking for a place to retire.

Mercer Island in the Middle of Lake Washington Is Another Amazing Option

Imagine living on an island, but still being close to a metropolis - that is what Mercer Island offers. Owning a residence is very expensive - the median value is more than a million, so we recommend renting: a resident on Mercer Island pays nearly $2,000 monthly. Currently, 25 thousand people reside here, and a big percent of them are young families. It's clean, you will feel welcome, but you might find it pricey.

If you know what are the safest neighborhoods in Seattle, you should also know that this is one of the safest suburban areas. If you tell your Seattle movers to relocate you here, you will be able to enjoy nice weather, many amazing outdoor activities, and beautiful views.

Hop on a Boat and Discover All the Water Around the City

If you love being on the water and spending time near it, Mercer Island is the right spot for you. Don't miss a chance to go on an adventurous ride around the island and make some incredible memories. This could be a great family activity, but you can also do it with your friends.

Residents on Mercer Island are very friendly

Is Nightlife Your Thing? Find a Mover in Seattle and Relocate to Kirkland

On the east side of Lake Washington lies another one of the best suburbs of Seattle - Kirkland. One of the first things that you will hear about this community is that you will find the same nightlife as in Downtown, without having to go or reside there. It's a vibrant spot with many restaurants, bars, shops, art galleries, and concerts. On the other side, you will still have a real suburban life with all the activities such as swimming and hiking or walking around the parks.

It's also one of the favorite locations for young professionals that are pursuing their careers because of many employment options here. Nearly 90 thousand residents are in Kirkland, and most of them rent their homes. Median rent is almost $1,800, and the median value of a house is $600,000.

You will never be bored in Kirkland

Bothell Is Beautiful Yet Affordable

In the farthest north-east corner of the greater Seattle area is Bothell that functions like a small town - you will find wineries, farms, local products, and malls and cinemas as well. Brewhouses, cafes, and restaurants are there for all of those who would look for Seattle professional movers just to have a good bite available at any time. Both public and private schools are great, it's very safe, and diverse. 

If You're Looking for a Great Hiking Trail - Bothell Is the Place to Be

Yes, all these communities have great hiking options, but this one is exceptional. Burke-Gilman trail is very close, so you can spend some quality time with friends or family by going on that hike. It's a 27-mile trail that goes right next to Lake Washington, leading to Lake Union and finishing next to the ship canal of Lake Washington. We promise that you'll love it.

Having an active lifestyle will become your habit in Bothell

Sammamish Offers Incredible Lake Views

On the east side of Lake Sammamish is a community ideal if you want to buy a lake house near a dock and just enjoy life. The median price for that will be around $750,000, and the rent is $2,300. You can go fishing, swimming, or golfing on two amazing golf courses. It's great for families as well because of the low crime rates and many parks where you can spend weekends together. However, there is a downside - Sammamish is the furthest east, so if you have to go to Downtown frequently, you will spend some time commuting - there's a half an hour ride via I-90.

Eastlake High School is one of the best in the state

Issaquah Is a Great Nature Getaway

South of Sammamish is Issaquah, a fairytale community surrounded by mountains, parks, and forests. There's plenty to do if you love being in nature, employment opportunities are plentiful, and the crime rate is low. It will be a long ride to Seattle on I-90 but if you're searching for a cozy place next to mountain views, you've found the right spot. Almost 37 thousand residents are here, and the majority owns their properties. The median value of homes is $565,000, and the rent is $1,860.

You love mountains? Come to Issaquah

Hire a Seattle Moving Company and Come to Relax in Renton

South of Lake Washington is a big community of Renton. You will be close to everything while paying a lot less - the median value of a property in these neighborhoods is $370,000, and the median rent is the lowest so far - $1,400. You will never feel unsafe while walking through the streets of Renton, there are amazing school options for kids, and employment opportunities for career chasers. There are also some community events during the year, so you will find new friends easily.

What Would Be the Best Way to Relocate to the Best Suburbs of Seattle?

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