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What Makes Kirkland, WA an Excellent Place to Live In?

Kirkland is often seen as one of Seattle's suburbs. It's located east of the city, around 11 miles from Downtown, and just north of Bellevue. Based on a 2019 census estimate, it has over 93,000 residents, making it the 6th largest city in King County and 13th in Washington.

The city has many things going for it. It's very safe, has excellent schools, and commuting to the nearby cities won't take too long. Niche ranks the city as 3rd best suburbs for young professionals in 2020 (out of 184 in Washington). They also list it as the 8th suburb overall and 14th among families.

This Suburban City Is a Lot Safer Than the State Capital

General safety is one of the things that make living in the suburbs that much more appealing. Based on the data released by the FBI, the city reported 2,105 crimes in 2019, out of which only 101 felonies were violent, with no murders. If we extrapolate these numbers, we get Kirkland's total crime rate of 2,344 felonies per 100,000 people, which is almost the same as the national levels (2,489 cases per 100,000). Compared to the nearby Bellevue, the city's rates are 21% lower. Furthermore, it experiences 80% fewer violent felonies than the capital, and the overall crime rates are 54% lower.

Kirkland's Top Schools Provide Excellent Education

Lake Washington School District, known as one of Seattle's top districts, runs all the local public schools. There are 25 public and five private schools that provide high-quality education to all the city's students. The average test score is 68%, higher than Seattle's 48%, but slightly lower than Bellevue's 70%. Kirkland's high-school graduation rate of 95% is the highest of all three cities, but they all have excellent percentages. 

A vast majority of adults are also highly educated. While 58% completed a bachelor's degree, the number is the lowest among the three cities. However, this percentage is still significantly higher than both the state and the national averages of 33.6% and 30.3%, respectively. Finally, 21% of adults have a master's.

Commuting to Seattle Won't Take Long

With two major highways going through the city, commuting to the capital shouldn't be a problem. Going on Washington State Route 520, over the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge (also known as 520 Bridge) and Interstate 5 will get you Downtown slightly quicker, in about 20 minutes. At around 11 miles, this route is the shortest. However, there are several tolls on it, so it might be better to take the other one. If you go on Interstate 405, drive till it merges with Interstate 90. Take the west exit, go over Mercer Island and Homer M. Hadley Memorial Bridge, merge with I-5, and you'll be Downtown in about 22+ minutes. Although this route is more than 16 miles long, it only takes a few more minutes to cross it.

Kirkland's Renting and Real Estate Prices Are Both Relatively Affordable

If you like what you hear so far, take a moment to learn more about the local real estate prices. According to AreaVibes, Kirkland's median home value of $469,000 is only slightly lower than Seattle's $484,600. However, housing is 23% cheaper when compared to Bellevue's price of $608,500. Renting is also relatively affordable. While the median rent price of $1,500 may be 10% lower than Bellevue's $1,650, it's also about 20% higher than Seattle's $1,250. Unlike these two cities, buying is a much more popular option than renting, with 64% of Kirkland's households being occupied by owners.

You Can Find a Perfect Place Here, Whether You're Single or Relocating With Family

Whether you're relocating by yourself, or you have a family with children, you're bound to find a neighborhood in the city that suits you. Let's take a look at some of the places that might interest you:

  • Norkirk is perfect for families - Almost 60% of all households in this community are made up of families with children. While the median real estate value of $670,850 is significantly higher than Kirkland's, renting price of $1,650 is relatively affordable. The neighborhood's schools provide an excellent foundation for further studies. Students score 83% on their tests, and the 98% high school graduation rate is one of the highest in the state. Other great family-friendly neighborhoods include Highlands, Bridle Trails, and North Rose Hill.
  • Single people will love Totem Lake - This neighborhood has the largest percentage of young adults (27% aged 25-34) in the city. With a median home value of $395,100, the community has some of the city's cheapest real estate. Renting is also relatively inexpensive, with rent going for $1,400 a month. Other places young adults should check out include South Rose Hill, North Rose Hill, Juanita, and Everest.

Neighborhoods with the cheapest rent - With less than $900 a month, Highlands has the lowest renting cost. Surprisingly, the second-place goes to Market-Downtown, which has rent costs of around $950 per month. North Rose Hill is third, with $1,100.

Experience Some of the City's Excellent Outdoor Opportunities

As one of the better Seattle suburbs, the city offers some excellent outdoor opportunities you can explore. There are dozens of smaller parks throughout the whole area, with the two largest ones located on opposite sides of the city. Let's go over some of these locations:

  • Saint Edward State Park is located on the northwest corner and features an incredible lakeshore, suitable for nature studies. While most of its territory is Kenmore, it continues into local Big Finn Hill Park, whose 220 acres are mostly wooded, with multi-use trails and several baseball and soccer fields.
  • Juanita Bay Park is another excellent option, particularly attractive for nature enthusiasts. Although smaller than the previous parks, this urban wildlife habitat houses numerous birds, beavers, and native foliage right in the middle of the city. On the other hand, the nearby Juanita Beach Park has an excellent sandy beach with tennis and volleyball courts.
  • Willows Run Golf Complex is technically in Redmond, but it's less than a mile from the city's eastern border. In addition to a 9-hole course, this enormous complex has not one but two 18-hole courses.
  • Bridle Trails State Park is on the southeast end of the city. It's Kirkland's biggest park, whose 489-acre area features a 28-mile trail system, perfect for hiking and horseback riding.

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