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Things to Know Before Moving in With a Girlfriend

Sep/10/2021 12:00 PM- Moving -

Planning on moving in with a girlfriend for the first time is an intimidating prospect. Then again, a prospect that is hardly devoid of great excitement, too. This whirlwind of emotions you feel once the idea of living together hits your mind (or rather heart, if we may say) often leaves you utterly unprepared for challenges yet to come. And that's why we're here, to help you handle them smoothly.

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How Long Should You Be Dating Before You Move In Together?

So, you've been together for a while, you love each other, and the idea of living under the same roof excites you. However, given that moving in with your girlfriend requires a number of adjustment challenges - believe it or not, some of them are a bit more serious than dinner plans and cuddle parties - have you ever wondered how long you should wait to move in with your girlfriend?

Well, before deciding to raise your relationship to a higher level, there are a few things to think through before you start creating your packing list. Otherwise, you can forget about that cocktail of happy hormones you two love birds only know the recipe for, which can quickly turn into immense relocation stress and havoc. And nobody wants that.

Do It for the Right Reasons, Not Because It Might Be Fun

Should I move in with my girlfriend or wait a little more is a question that comes naturally, but the real question is, why are you doing it. According to stats, only 25% of couples take the plunge after four months of dating, whereas 50% are ready to do it after a year. The biggest percentage of couples find it ideal to move in with their partner after two years of relationship. So, do you think all of these couples are moving in for the same reasons?

Of course, there are no rules when it comes to love stories. People who experience "turbo relationships" sometimes have better outcomes and are even more lasting than those who wait too long to take the leap. Still, the vital thing for both groups is not the time needed to decide but to choose their cohabitation partner for the right reasons.

You need good grounds for your journey together. So if you are relocating for the first time or you may be afraid to live on your own, and living with your girlfriend seems like a good idea, we recommend you to give some more thought to it. Also, if a relocation budget is something you are worried about and trying to figure out how to save money to move - your partner is not a solution. You have to make better decisions and plan a move to another city differently.

Talk Honestly About Your Expectations

Should I move in with my girlfriend is a question that requires a lot of answers. Sure, your love is a base you can't do without, but you do not want to test the water and go all the way in without knowing what your significant other wants from a relationship. Share your plans to understand better if you two can live harmoniously in the long run. Communication will allow you to avoid relocation mistakes altogether, from discussing relocating with your pets to creating a new apartment checklist together.

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Do Relationships Change When You Move In Together?

Can moving in with my girlfriend kill a relationship? Or does it make the bond even more substantial? Is it possible at all to know the answer before you give it a try?

The truth is, everything changes, and so do relationships. Neither you nor your partner remains the same person, so changes are inevitable. However, not all changes are bad ones. Some will lead to clashes, of course - it would be bizarre for a couple not to have tensions - while others will push your love to grow even more.

Giving both of you enough space to comprehend some of the newly formed differences will quickly help you go through rough patches.

Spending Less of Quality Time Together

Now, this is one of the trickiest things you're going to face while living together. Just because you are together in a limited space such as an apartment or a house, it doesn't mean you'll get to have everything that one successful relationship needs. As a matter of fact, when people share an address, it's pretty standard that the quality of their time together dwindles. However, this is not necessarily bad. Since the dating phase is over, the dynamic changes to a more honest one, which means routine often gets in the way.

Compromising a Lot

Meeting each other halfway is a necessary ingredient of every healthy connection, from little things like organizing packing or maybe choosing a moving company to more essential ones like raising a family or deciding where to live next. Then again, your past experiences and behavioral patterns will play an important role here.

If there are issues you repeatedly argue about and they're not even that important, maybe something tells you it's an excellent moment to learn to compromise, at least if you want to preserve the love you care about so much. Still, compromising is just a tiny part of the big thing called being on the same page, which is unarguably the secret of "happily ever after."

Your Sex Life Might Change, but You're Not Afraid of Cuddling, Are You?

Although it may seem like the end of the world - do not worry, it's not - that feeling of being almost entirely wrapped up in another person coupled up with daily responsibilities, chores, and being tired from work won't take the spark away. There's nothing to panic about if you notice that your daily intimacy feels different because sex life is not the only priority anymore.

No, your love is not going downhill if you find yourself in front of the TV cuddling more than ever, and yes, you could change that home outfit and surprise your girl with something romantic when she least expects it. Because taking your loved one for granted will certainly not keep the fire burning.

Be Sure to Know if You Share Your Partner's Long-Term Goals When Moving in Together

To be happy, couples need to move towards goals they've set for themselves. It doesn't mean you have to achieve them (although it wouldn't hurt!), but moving from A to B together keeps the connection strong. Whether it's about organizing your move and going through a bunch of moving apps to find the right moving company to help you with the home relocation, or it's about something more essential like planning for the distant future, make sure your goals are in alignment. Believe us. It's the wisest relocation tip you're going to get when settling down since it's the alignment that is responsible for harmony.

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Don’t Let the Usual Problems Scare You Away When Moving in With Girlfriend

Running your daily lives in an entirely different manner is usually the cause of many post-move misunderstandings. Living under the same roof may come as a surprise because it leaves both parties exposed in terms of their habits you were not aware of earlier. But none of these doesn't have to be a dealbreaker. For starters, many relocation hacks could help your transition go a bit smoother and help both of you adjust faster. Moreover, talking things through usually resolves most of the problems.

Figure Out Your Finance Plans Together Well In Advance

Not sorting out your finances is one of the most significant relocation mistakes couples make. Trust our word. You don't want to lose this battle because of something that can quickly be taken care of. However, if you are not familiar with your partners' spending habits or their existing debts, how will you share your day-to-day expenses, monthly bills, and other responsibilities like things you need for an apartment?

Don't Argue About House Chores

It would be great if people could snap their fingers and eliminate all of their bad habits because they would be the first on the list to get rid of when moving in together. But time is what you need the most to break a bad habit. Motivation, too.

That's why it's not rare at all if you hear couples arguing because one of them is way too messy, while the other is so neat and has no idea how to accept all the dirty dishes, chaotic bedroom, scattered clothes all over the place, etc. Still, it's important to remember that living together means teamwork, so instead of building resentment, try to divide the chores creatively, so both of you can be responsible for the tasks you're not bothered to do. At least not that much. If your significant other hates dishes, well, it's simple - do the dishes and let her do something you're not good at.

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You'll Feel Better if You Don't Give Up Your Independence

We understand you might be amazed or overwhelmed by your new life. Having an opportunity to be close to the one you love is incredible, but cutting down on stuff you love is certainly not. It's natural to prioritize your home life, but you don't want to become one who needs nothing but their partner. Wouldn't you love to remember that feeling you get when you miss your girl? When you simply can't wait to see her again? So, whether you need to be alone or have fun with your friends, keep that one on your to-do list if you want your love to last.

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Honeymooning Might Be Over, but Going Long-Term Doesn't Mean Your Happiness Is Over, Too

No one can tell you if the moment is right and if you're ready for such a big step since figuring this out is not the same for everyone. At some point, cohabitation simply makes more sense than anything else in the world, but there's no guarantee it won't be tricky. And just because you have to put your rose-tinted glasses off to navigate the ups and downs, it doesn't mean real life is not promising. Because it could be far better than any fantasy - if you make enough effort, look out for your companion and have fun.

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