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How to Unpack After Moving Like a Pro: The Ultimate Guide

Aug/19/2021 12:00 PM- Moving -

Unboxing can make a real mess in your new home. So knowing the most effective ways on how to unpack after moving is the best way to organize your household quickly and arrange all the stuff the way it is supposed to be. Here is how to plan not only the unboxing but the packing of all items for the move.

a couple unpacking after relocation

The Best Strategy Is to Have a Room-by-Room Boxing Plan

When planning a move to another city, one of the first things to organize is packing to move. This way, you'll be in control of the timeline and the relocation budget, since the total relocation cost is based on the items on the inventory list. So when planning the boxing-up process, always keep in mind that unpacking after a move awaits. Here is the first preparatory step on avoiding the relocation mistake of cluttering your new home.

Organize the Decluttering and Get Rid of All Unnecessary Stuff Before You Pack

No matter if you're about to relocate to a bigger house or a smaller apartment,  downsizing for a move is essential to organize, and one of the first details to include in your relocation to-do list. The last thing you want to do is clutter your new home, so decide on what to get rid of when moving and exclude those items from the packing list. Going room-by-room and categorizing stuff according to use-value is the best way to decide what to take with you, what to recycle, throw away, sell, or donate.

Also, when organizing the decluttering, make sure to start from the areas you rarely use. Garages, basements, and other storage areas can be filled with things you don't need, so getting rid of them is definitely the best possible decision in this situation. In case you’re relocating from a house to an apartment, stuff like gardening tools or skiing equipment should definitely not take place on the packaging list. If any of these pieces are worth something, try selling them online or in a garage sale and boost your budget.

How Do I Unpack Fast After Moving? The Best Method to Box Up the Stuff Is to Classify It According to Rooms

If you want to unpack fast, one of the best unpacking tips is to pack the stuff by room or larger categories. For example, you can pack the living room decorations into one box, and glassware and plates into separate boxes. The point is to label each box properly and categorize them according to the rooms they belong in. This way, the movers will know which place to choose for it in the truck. Also, when unboxing, you'll know what to tackle first according to priority. So, the recipe to move efficiently and unbox quickly is to think of every single detail way in advance.

How Long Should It Take to Unpack After Moving?

The better you prepare for relocation and pack your belongings, the faster you'll unbox them. A universal answer to this question doesn’t exist since the time you’ll need for unboxing directly depends on the household size and the number of boxes. Another factor that could affect the speed of the unpacking process is how tired and how motivated you are to equip the whole place.

Depending on all the factors we just listed, you will need anywhere from one week to a couple of weeks to finish the whole process. If you want to be done with it ASAP, then make sure to set a deadline and stick to your plan. Another great way to finish the unboxing process effectively is to book the unpacking services with a moving company of your choice. And you can do so by using the Mod24 moving company app.

label the boxes properly before the moving company sends its movers to pick up your stuff

Before You Start to Unpack on the Moving Day - The First Step Is to Get Your Home in Perfect Order

Starting the unboxing process before the new residential place is in perfect condition is not a great plan. Here are the things you forget to do when moving that are essential to speed up the relocation process and help you prepare your next living space better.

Conduct a Final Home Inspection and Note All the Problematic Things to Be Fixed or Renovated

Marking all the potential problem areas in the house that need to be replaced, fixed, or renovated is a must if you want to avoid unexpected inconveniences. Broken locks, fire alarm systems, air conditioning filters, pest control, disinfection, pipes, or anything similar should definitely be fixed before you start organizing your belongings. Still, don't forget that this takes time, and it needs to be scheduled in advance and finished at least two weeks prior to the move-in date, so you can be sure there won't be any last-minute relocating surprises.

Organize a Thorough Cleaning of the Whole Space

In case you'll continue to use pieces of furniture, bathroom, or kitchen appliances of the previous owners, it means you should clean them in detail. Depending on your free time, it is possible to do it by yourself or hire a professional cleaning service to do it for you. Whatever you decide, just make sure to do it in advance - more precisely, before your items are delivered and you start organizing them.

Ensure that the Internet Provider Has Activated the Service

One of the indispensable things you need for your first apartment is an internet connection, and you'll need it from the moment you step into your new home. Since the internet is a major tool we all use to organize or check numerous things, it is almost unimaginable to be without it even for a day. You'll need it to order food on the move-in day or check if the movers are close, so don't forget to set it up on time.

man cleaning the house before the moving company delivers the items

Tips for Unpacking After a Move or How to Organize the Unboxing Process Itself?

Now that you have organized your move, and all necessary details are prepared in order to save you from any relocation stress, it is the right time to consider how to organize the unboxing process itself. And if you just moved out for the first time, this will be something to resolve carefully.

Designate the Unpacking Room to Avoid a Mess Around the Entire Place

If mess makes you anxious, you should definitely plan on how to deal with it during the relocation. First and foremost, don't scatter the boxes all around the house. Instead, determine one room where all the boxes will be placed. This way, you'll keep your house in order all the time, and most importantly, you'll organize the whole process much more easily. This is especially important to do when relocating with kids since many of those items represent a potential danger to them.

Unbox the Essential Boxes First

When it comes to prioritizing the unboxing, ensure to unpack the boxes with relocation essentials first. This way, you'll be able to equip your bedrooms, kitchen, and bathrooms with some basic stuff and be able to take a nap, prepare homemade meals, or take a shower. That’s why your boxes of essentials should be packed last in the truck, and taken out first.

Reassemble and Arrange the Bulky Furniture Pieces

This is an essential step when organizing the space, especially the living room, which is the gathering point of every family. When you use the services of professional moving companies, expect that the movers will take care of reassembling all the furniture pieces and arrange them throughout the rooms. So let your movers carry in the cupboards and sofas first so you can get the broader image of the space and how you can use it to the maximum.

Decide on the Priority of Rooms When Equipping Them

Once the essential boxes have been unpacked and the furniture has been arranged, it is the right moment to dedicate your attention to other rooms and arrange them by priority. Here is how to unpack your belongings room-by-room:

     Arrange the bathroom first to be able to take a shower and maintain proper hygiene.

     Next - set up the bedrooms, make the beds, and arrange the essential clothing pieces in the closets. Of course, always give priority to the kid’s bedroom, since they can be extra cranky after the tiring trip.

     While the children are taking a nap, use these free moments to arrange the kitchen, make a coffee and prepare a meal. Plug in the refrigerator and the stove, unbox small kitchen appliances like the blender and coffee maker, and if necessary, go to a local store and get some fresh groceries.

     Once the sofa and the TV have been installed, you can consider the living room equipped. Since this will be a gathering place for the whole family, ensure to make it as pleasant as possible and take the first family photo in the new home!

a family in the living room sitting on a sofa, enjoying their place after the moving company delivered their belongings

At the End: What's Worse, Packing or Unpacking?

After we've gone through all the basics on how to unpack after a move, it is absolutely understandable if you’re wondering what on Earth is worse - boxing or unboxing? Since both processes are tiring and require detailed planning, there is no winner in this case. However, there are definitely effective ways to facilitate the whole process and experience a stress-free move.

Finding reliable movers to help you out has never been easier. With our app to compare moving companies, you can easily search all active and available movers in your area and book the relocation in a few minutes and clicks. Using all the benefits of Mod24 features, you can find out what the available dates are, how much movers cost, and what special services - such as unboxing or cleaning - they provide. The best thing of all is that the Mod24 app for moving gathers only reliable, legitimate, and fully licensed companies, which guarantees quality service. Explore all the advantages of Mod24, book your move, and enjoy the easiest relocation of your life. 

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