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House Move-In Cleaning Checklist

Wouldn’t it be nice if the home you are about to move into waited for you all tidy and sparkling? However, since we don't live in a perfect world, a move-in cleaning checklist is too often a relocation must. We are about to introduce you to the top moving-into-a-new-house cleaning tips to ensure you are done with the process as soon as possible and can go on to enjoy your new living space.

A girl cleaning an apartment before the moving company carries in her items

What Is a Move-In Clean?

So, you did the whole house hunting thing, managed to pack about everything you own, and transport it and move to another city. And now the real question arises: But really, do I need to clean the house before moving in? Well, we know that right now it may seem like this whole move will never end, but trust us, you're almost there.

We'd say: if you already did all those big things and are approaching the finish line - what is just one more task to make your relocation complete? Maybe the previous tenants didn't approach their move-out cleaning thoroughly, or maybe a few days have passed since the place was cleaned, and there is dust everywhere. If your standards of cleanliness are on the higher side, before you take your things into the place, make sure to give it one last wipe down.

How to Clean a New House Before You Move In?

Before we give you all the tips and tricks, as well as the skills to perfect a checklist, let us direct your attention to one thing. A thorough cleaning should take place before you actually bring your boxes into the home. So we recommend doing it before the relocation company transports your boxes, or in case you are relocating last minute, to leave your stuff in a storage unit for a day or two, just until you get the place in order.

A bunch of boxes and cleaning supplies together

How to Go About Creating a Move-In Cleaning Checklist?

If you want your efficient move to end the same way it began, as an organized and stress-free experience, you'll have to follow our tips, the first one being to create one final to-do list. But, what is a professional house cleaning checklist? Well, a new house cleaning checklist should list all the crucial tasks you need to complete, as well as remind you of things people forget to do when they move.

Start your checklist by listing all the unavoidable supplies you'll need to get the job done, and then continue to the tasks and obligations that await you. And trust us, with a little organizing now, the entire process will be done in no time.

Pin the List of Necessary Supplies on Your Fridge

As already mentioned, you should have all the supplies, materials, and equipment on hand. Since, most often, movers won't move chemicals, you should ensure to move them yourself or buy them as soon as you reach the new home. You'll want to avoid going back and forth to and from the shop, so try to create this list on time and place it in a visible spot (like your fridge) so that it doesn't slip your mind. We've created a comprehensive list of everything you should buy, in case you don't already own the following items:

     A vacuum,

     A mop and a fresh bucket,

     Rubber gloves,

     Multi-surface concentrate,


     Detergent and a sponge,

     Microfiber cloths,

     Oven cleaner and oil stain remover,

     Brush for scrubbing,

     Glass stain remover.

A girl holding a bucket of supplies

To Clean Your New House Properly, Go One Room at a Time

And now, we can get to the best cleaning and moving hacks. One of our first tips is to make sure to take your time to clean and deal with dust. Although you might just want to get it over with, you shouldn't get burnt out when you just moved. So go ahead and deal with each room on its own, dedicating enough time and effort to every object to have it glistening by the end. Begin with the bathroom and kitchen because you'll need them right away, and then continue to the bedroom and the living room.

The Top-to-Bottom Strategy Is the Most Efficient One for Cleaning a House

The next (and probably most important) tip to get the task done in no time is to clean each space top to bottom. This way, you can ensure that you won't have to go over any surface twice to get rid of the leftover dirt and dust. So follow this golden rule: start with the highest surfaces and work your way down!

A boy and an older man cleaning a floor

The Bathroom Is the First Room to Tackle

The bathroom is a space you can't avoid using, so you should clean it and make it is functional as soon as possible. It can be a particularly hard space to deal with, so ensure that you do it thoroughly, as it can contain a lot of bacteria. Here are some tips on how to disinfect the bathroom properly and which steps not to miss.

Scrub the Shower Thoroughly

Depending on what material your shower or tub is made of, you should have adequate supplies for cleaning it. You can also always use a concoction of dish soap and vinegar, made with equal proportions of both. After spraying the homemade cleaner, or a store-bought one - whatever you prefer, wipe and rinse it off, and your shower will be good to go.

Disinfect the Toilet and Install a New Toilet Seat

Nobody likes to clean the toilet, but somebody's gotta do it. If you are unsure how to approach the bowl, we propose checking out Martha Stewart's ultimate guide for disinfecting a toilet. Depending on the state of the toilet seat, you can decide to keep it or not. While we do recommend getting rid of the seat and installing a new one, in case the one left by the former tenants is fairly new, a good scrub should get it ready to be used again.

Wipe Down Each Detail in Your Bathroom to Remove Bacteria

Though you might think that the tub and toilet are the only ''contaminated'' areas in a bathroom, you may be shocked to find out how untrue that is. Actually, according to scientific research, the sink faucet is one of the places that store the most bacteria and germs - to be exact, 600 times more than the toilet. So take your rags and get ready to deal with the faucet handle, the doorknob, and the towel rack.

A person cleaning a toilet seat

Next Up on Your List Is the Kitchen

If you are not sick of eating takeout yet, give yourself a week more, and you'll be dying for a home-cooked meal. But before you get to cooking, you should ensure every space you'll use to prepare the food is sparkling. Not only is it unsanitary to cook in a dirty kitchen, but it can also affect the way your food tastes. Here are a few things to look out for when dealing with the kitchen.

Wash Behind and Inside of Each Kitchen Appliance Thoroughly

Before you get to scrubbing your kitchen appliances, move all of those that can be moved. Most often, that'll include the fridge and stove. Once you're done with that, get the stain remover and get inside of those appliances you just put back in their places. Not only can the leftover smells in these cause your food to taste differently, but it can get them to malfunction and raise your utility bills.

Cabinets Also Require a Proper Scrub

Cabinets may not run on power, but they too should be scrubbed. Once again, you can use a solution made of vinegar and warm water to spray the insides of empty cabinets. Wait for a minute or two and then wipe it away with a clean cloth. Some people like to paper the shelves of cabinets to keep them dry, fresh, and free from any stains. If you don't mind taking the extra steps, we recommend this useful trick.

A man cleaning dishes

The Final Steps Are the Living Room and Bedroom

Once the essential rooms are done, it's time to get to those that require less effort. This is where you take out your vacuum, mop, and bucket. However, as previously mentioned, the floors will be the last on the menu, so start with the curtain rods and closet tops. After that, work your way down, and you can call it a day.

Don't Forget to Wash and Scrub Each Living Room Wall

While dusting the ceiling is a job we are more used to, scrubbing the walls of a new home is an important task you shouldn't miss. Take a mop with a wide end and throw a wet mop over it. Start from the highest point you can reach and scrub them down with soapy water of mild temperature. This will help take out any smoke and leftover smells from the surfaces.

Glass Surfaces and Windows Are the Ultimate Final Touch

Trust us that the no space will seem properly cleaned until you make the windows completely see-through. Mirrors and windows take up a large portion of the home, so it's important to wipe them properly with a high-quality window cleaner. Depending on their primary state, it might take a few rounds, but don't give up - you’ve got this.

Cleaning materials in a living room

What Is Included in a Move-in Cleaning Service?

If the relocation stress got the best of you, and you're done putting any more effort into your move from a house to an apartment, we completely get you. Besides, if your relocation budget allows you to spend some cash on a professional service, why wouldn't you make things easier for yourself? Based on how big your apartment is, a typical cost for a service might be anywhere from $90 to $300.

Depending on how much money you aim to spend, and the deal you make with the company, here are the most common tasks a professional service can take off your hands:

     The use of professional materials and equipment,

     Scrubbing the shower, bathtub, and toilet bowl,

     Whipping down sinks and countertops,

     Vacuuming, sweeping, and dusting every floor and corner,

     Getting the kitchen appliances ready for use. 

A professional cleaning a rug

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