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A Shopping Addict's Tips on How to Pack Clothes for Moving

Sep/16/2021 12:00 PM- Packing -

If you're a shopping addict and have no idea how to pack clothes for moving while your relocation day is approaching, you might think you're in big trouble. But there is no need to worry, there are some ways to get through this. You'll have to arm yourself with patience, but there are some fun tips and tricks that might help you learn how to pack clothes for a move without any problems.

Person organizing jeans and shirts

Packing Clothes for Moving Can Be Much More Enjoyable if You Let Us Guide You

If you're a shopaholic who doesn't know how to move clothes and your local move is just around the corner, you might be a bit anxious. People are often experiencing a lot of relocation stress and pressure about different activities they have to organize during the move. Start by making a to-do list with a strict schedule of your upcoming activities.

If you have a large wardrobe and a lot of stuff, it might be a good idea to start reorganizing your closet as soon as you find out that the move is definitely happening. If you try to move in a hurry, you might not be able to move efficiently, and you'll skip some important steps. Take control of your actions and don't let your precious clothing go to waste because you didn't know how to protect it - rely on our relocation tips and handle everything like a pro.

What Is the Best Way to Pack Clothes for Moving?

It is hard to say what is the best way to pack clothes when moving. Over the years, people came up with many interesting relocation hacks that helped them with learning how to pack clothes when moving. You can also come up with some solutions that are perfect for your situation. The best thing you can do is to get quality packing materials and use them properly to protect your delicate and expensive pieces. For other less important items, there are several options you can choose from. You can decide what to get rid of before relocation, or you can prepare them for transportation by following some of our tips.

Stuff falling out of a packed wardrobe

The First Step Is to Start With Decluttering and Reorganize Your Closet

Decluttering is one of the most important steps in this process. Why is it so important? Relocation is the perfect opportunity for starting a new chapter in your life. With that chapter, you get a chance for a clean start - at least when it comes to your closet. There is no need to fill your new home and wardrobe with all the stuff you kept for years and never used.

Set a limit and create a capsule wardrobe. Take some pieces that are versatile, easy to combine with each other, and allow you to create several classic outfit combinations suitable for all occasions. Everything else you can either donate to charities, give to friends or throw away. Some questions you can ask yourself during this selection are:

     How often do I wear this?

     Is this something I might wear in the future?

     Are these clothing pieces and shoes in good shape?

     Can I fit in these jeans that I wore when I went to college?

     Are these shoes comfortable, or do I just keep them because they look pretty?

It is essential that you be honest with yourself when it comes to this part - only that way, you'll succeed in decluttering your collection.

Consider Donating Stuff That's in a Good Condition

Donating is a convenient way to get rid of stuff that is still wearable, but you don't want to bother selling them or don't have enough time to do it. Check your local donation and charity centers, and you'll be surprised how much your small contribution will mean to them. You can do this even when you're not relocating, every once in a while. You'll have more space in your new home, feel better and make other people happy as well.

Decide if Some Things Are Worth Selling

One of the best things when it comes to reorganizing a closet is that you can earn some money and save it for future shopping, which is always great but especially if you're a shopaholic. For example, you probably have a habit of buying stuff and wearing them once or never. If you no longer find them trendy and won't be wearing them, why not upgrade your relocation budget by selling them?

With many apps, garage sales, and other options, you'll definitely find a lot of potential buyers and earn some money. Just keep in mind that it is better to do this early on - the more time you have, the more items you can sell and get better prices. If you do this last minute, you might end up selling some worthy pieces for a much lower value.

You Can Also Gift Some Things to Your Friends

Another great option is to give some items to your friends. If you have some T-shirt that simply doesn't fit you but know someone who is going to love it, why not give it to them? Gather all of your friends, show them what you have in mind and let them choose their favorite pieces. Your friends will appreciate it, plus you'll have plenty of space in your new closet, and you'll downsize for the move.

Girl going through shirts on a clothing rack

Go Shopping, But This Time for Packing Supplies Instead of Clothing

One of the most important parts of every successful move is getting quality packing materials. These are sometimes very easy to find, especially if you're not packing fragile objects, but clothing can be packed in many ways using different materials. Some of the basics you should consider getting are:

     Cardboard and wardrobe boxes,

     Garbage and vacuum bags,


     Markers for labeling.

A wardrobe box might be perfect for relocating your delicate pieces, such as suits and dresses. They are specially designed for this purpose with a hanger inside, so you can hang your pieces inside and relocate them with ease. This might require additional investment, but it's definitely worth it, especially if you hate ironing.

Instead of Cardboard Boxes, Use Some Stuff You Already Have at Home for Packing

Another great option is to rely on things you already have in your home. One of the cool hacks for relocating pieces from your wardrobe is to put less delicate stuff into garbage bags. Shirts you wear daily, sweatpants, and other cotton pieces will be safe in a garbage bag. They are usually made of thick and quality materials that can carry a significant weight, which makes them perfect for this task. Another great thing about them is that they usually come with handles, which makes the carrying process a ton easier. Just don't forget to label them to know what is inside.

Person carrying boxes

If You Don't Know How to Pack Clothes for Moving, Sorting It All Into Categories Can Be More Than Helpful

Another thing you should consider doing when reorganizing your closet and preparing for the upcoming move is organizing your stuff in various categories. Don't mix sweaters with bikinis or jeans with underwear. Get a separate bag or carton for each category and ensure to label it all. In that case, you'll know exactly which moving bags for clothes go to storage and which you should put directly in your wardrobe.

Also, don't forget to leave some stuff for your bag with relocation essentials or a box. These should be some comfortable shoes, pajamas, maybe sweatpants to wear during the unpacking process or walking around your new neighborhood. If you're relocating with pets, don't forget to separate their stuff as well. Here are some of the main categories you can follow when sorting, but you can also go more into detail and make subcategories if you want.





Jeans and shirts hanging on a rack

Don't Forget to Use Some Convenient Folding Methods That Can Help You Save a Lot of Space

Using different folding methods can be one of the most convenient ways for storing your stuff. But why not try using them when you're relocating as well? Once you fold your stuff properly, you'll have much more space, whether you're placing it in a suitcase or a box. Some of the recommended options are:

     Japanese folding method,

     Folding board method,

     Marie Kondo folding method.

 Folded sweaters

What's the Best Way to Move Clothes? We Have a Few Ideas, Including Vacuum Bags

Now when you know how to fold it all, there are a few things you can do. One of the cool hacks people sometimes forget about during the relocation process is using suitcases. They are convenient for packing books, but you should definitely consider using them to transport your other belongings as well. Just put everything inside without worrying if something is getting damaged. They are also easier to move around your home if you don't have to carry them without using their wheels.

Wonder How Do You Pack Bulky Clothes for Moving? All You Need Are Vacuum Bags

Relocating bulky clothing might be one of the worst things in this process. You probably have some big, heavy jackets and coats that would probably take half of your suitcase if you put them inside. Luckily, there is one hack that will help you handle this like a pro. Vacuum bags! Not only are they practical, but they are also fun and easy to use.

You just have to put everything you want inside and suck out the air with the help of your vacuum cleaner. This will reduce the size and bulkiness of your clothing, and you'll save a lot of space. Apart from the relocation itself, you can also rely on this hack when you're putting some of your belongings into storage. These bags are a good investment, and you won't regret buying them if you don't have some already.

People transporting their belongings in a suitcase as one of the best ways to do it

Label Every Box and Handle Ones Containing Delicate Stuff With Care

Once you finally pack everything, don't forget to label every container. This will make the unpacking process so much easier. You don't want to spend hours looking for that particular T-shirt you want to wear. Organize labels as you like - for example, you can go by occasion, season, or type of item, depending on what's inside. Whatever you find the most convenient is the best for you. If you follow your own system, it would be easier for you to find items later, and you won't get confused.

How do you pack clothes for moving in a car? You should keep essentials by your side - something comfortable and practical is always recommended. Don't forget to add comfy shoes and a jacket just in case you get cold. Once you start loading, you can decide how to arrange the boxes - it is always better to put delicate ones on top of others.

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