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Small Apartment Ideas - Make a Tiny Space Feel Like Home

Aug/30/2021 12:00 PM- Finding a Home -

If you find yourself relocating to a smaller place for the first time, you will need some guidelines and small apartment ideas to help you cope with the limited square footage. Whether you’re looking for downsizing tips or trying to improve your tiny space management, our tricks will help you take advantage of each inch in your new home. Stick with us, and you'll have your new place layout in no time.

Modern small apartment interior ready for a moving company

Storages, Zones, and Walls - Best Solutions for Smaller Apartments

In order to get the most out of studio apartments, you'll need to think about the organization of the place and what will work the best in your near future. Maybe you'll need to adjust a thing or two later on, but the initial plan should be there before you start furnishing and decorating. There are three crucial things you must carefully think through with smaller interiors, especially when deciding how to decorate a small studio apartment :

     How will you utilize each wall to store your belongings?

     How will you store your items in the kitchen, bedroom, and other different areas?

     How will you avoid the chaos of having everything packed in one or two smaller rooms?

Design a Storage Space in Each Room

Besides using our app for moving, thinking ahead about how to design storage spaces in a tiny place could lessen the anxiety about moving out and be one of the ways to achieve stress-free moving. With tiny places, storage solutions are a necessity because you'll be relocating a lot more than moving essentials to a very limited square footage. Take some of the following suggestions into consideration:

     When thinking about the kitchen, see how much space your cabinets will take - remove some cabinets or all of them and design your cooking area by putting shelves on the wall if you want the feeling of a more open kitchen interior.

     Use furnishings that can be used as a storage place, too - think about beds with a storing box beneath them, ottomans with removable tops, and so on.

     Supply yourself with a lot of baskets, especially for the bathroom and bedroom area.

     Get one or two shoe organizers - you won't believe how valuable the little item could be when you want to organize and store your belongings in the bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom.

Think Vertical Instead of Horizontal - Ideas to Utilize the Wall

It is highly likely that you'll soon lose a lot of horizontal space with all your furnishing, which is why you must take advantage of the vertical one. Install shelves wherever you can - they will be your best friend in a tiny place. If you have high ceilings, put the objects you rarely use on a shelf you'll install near the top. Walls could also be a good place for some objects you don't utilize very often, such as folding chairs. Having tall curtains could also make your tiny interior appear bigger, especially if they are the same color as the walls.

How to Decorate a Small Apartment - Creating Zones

It is a given that you wouldn't have rooms in the original meaning of the word, but you should design zones that have them as a model - that way, you will avoid cluttering and disorganization. Various techniques could help you with it - you could utilize shelves and furniture as room dividers, different colored rugs on walls that will point to the different nature of each area, or even install sliding doors if your landlord allows it. Whatever design you choose, you will have a clearly distinguished kitchen, bedroom, dining area, and so on.

And when it comes to the question of how to decorate a small living room apartment, utilize the solutions we mentioned above and just remember that an open concept is currently trendy. So what if it is not done deliberately in your case - keep your head up and own it. There is nothing wrong with having multifunctional rooms - as long as you keep them organized.

Tiny living room interior ready for moving companies

How Do You Live Comfortably in a Small Apartment - Picking the Right Furniture

Furnishing your new tiny place can sometimes be a real quest, especially if you are relocating from a house to an flat and are generally used to bigger living areas. That is why it is crucial to pick furnishing techniques that will transform your interior to look more spacious than it actually is.

The first task is to pick the right-sized furniture and stay focused only on the essential pieces for your new home - a large sofa or a king-sized bed may temporarily be stored with your family, moved in some storage units, or even sold. Instead, your new flat checklist for shopping should include smaller pieces that won't take too much room and ones that can be multifunctional. If you are relocating with kids, it's natural that you can't have a tiny dining table for two, but there is no need for a large and heavy piece, either.

Keep in mind that sofas and other bulkier items have no place in the interior's middle section, so push them all against the wall. And because many apartments are shaped like a box, think about adding some not so straight-lined furnishing, such as round tables and lamps or chairs with curved edges.

Next, the illusion of something bigger can be achieved by focusing on floating pieces or the ones with legs high above the floors. You could also look for some see-through furniture that will blend with everything almost as if it isn't there - clean glass or acrylic tables, for example,  will make it seem like your new place has less clutter.

Multipurpose Furniture - Transformers for Smaller Homes and Studio Apartments

After using our moving company app to compare moving companies and picking the right condo, it would be good to invest some time into looking for practical furnishing and finding pieces that have more than one function. It is essential for smaller apartments, especially tiny-tiny studio apartments. A fold out-desk, for example, could be a good solution for extra office space. And when you’re not using it, the desk won't be in your way.

The same goes for a pull-out couch - it can be a nice place to relax during the day, but at night it can provide you with a bed to sleep in. An expanding coffee table, for instance, can provide you with the possibility of enjoying a drink without taking up too much room, but it can also give you more table surface when you want to host a bigger gathering or a party.

A sofa that can be transformed into a bed

How Do You Style a Small Apartment - The Importance of Decoration

It is known that apartments are usually reserved for renting and houses for buying. On top of that, moving industry statistics and trends show that renters move more often than homeowners. However, even if you opt to rent, don't let it stop you from decorating the place the way you want. Focusing on designing your living area instead of the things you miss from the old city could even lessen the relocation stress and help you fight possible relocation depression.

If the landlord is fine with you painting the place, it should be the first thing to think about. Keep in mind your goal. For example, know that white rooms generally seem bigger, while dark walls will provide you with the feeling of intimacy and warmth. If you want the interior to feel stylish and cozy, ensure to pick some lighter or pastel colors and soft materials. When considering colors for your new place, know that generally, a good combination would be the one with a neutral base and bold, colorful, and eccentric details. Moreover, those details will move the attention to them, while the apartment's size will stay in the background.

Even though studio apartments sometimes demand more practical solutions, creativity when furnishing and decorating your new home must not be put aside. To feel at home, add your personal touch. And if a creative block stands in your way, don't hesitate to consult the internet and use apps that provide you with hundreds of new solutions, such as Pinterest. In the end, you could always plan a trip to Ikea and consider their solutions and designs for smaller spaces.

Don't forget to create a vivid atmosphere - bring some of your favorite art pieces and think of some creative ideas for your plants. Just remember, plants are often on the list of items movers won't move, and one of the most common things people forget to do when moving is to check that. Don't be a part of that statistic - contact the company you've chosen through our moving app on time.

Plants on a brown wooden table

How to Decorate a Small Apartment on a Budget - Smart and Cheap Small Apartment Ideas

When working with limited square footage, every part of the interior needs to be wisely used and decorated. On top of that, if you’re already stressing about the relocation budget, you won't even think about buying fancy and expensive furnishings. If you are asking: "How do I furnish a small apartment on a budget? " today is your lucky day - we prepared some cheap and creative solutions that you can use after you're done with essentials. Pick the solutions that suit your concept the best:

     Clothing rack - if a new closet would take too much room and create an unwanted expense, consider getting a clothing rack as a smaller and cheaper replacement that you can put literally anywhere.

     Crown molding - you can use this initially constructional item as a stylish shoe rack. Who needs a shoe closet, anyway?

     Old hat boxes as floating shelves - interiors will look fancy and stylish without any cost. Think of them when creating your packing list.

     Tall mirrors - not only will you be able to look at your fabulous self, but they will also make your place seem bigger.

     Pair of hooks and a bin - put them next to your door, and voila! Your entryway is ready.

     A portable cart as a nightstand - every tiny place needs a multi-functioning cart that can be used however you find fitting. If it's not your thing, a cost-free option is placing the bed close to the window and using it as a nightstand.

How do I decorate a small 2 bedroom apartment is a question different from thinking about how to furnish studio apartments - after all, a few more square feet can make a big difference. It will bring you fewer worries about the possible storage spaces but won't free you from them completely. In addition to that, more space naturally means more money spent on rent, decorations, and furnishings, so be careful to prioritize your list of things needed for the first flat.

Clothes hung on a clothing rack

Decluttering Before and After the Move

When you plan to move to another city and learn how to organize to move, one of the most common moving tips you'll get is to put decluttering on your moving to-do list. This is especially important if you need to downsize for a move. So, thinking about what to get rid of when moving and the ways it should be done should be a part of your pre-move planning. Don't repeat one of the common moving mistakes and bring more than you need - moving more of your belongings will up your relocation expenses, and, eventually, you'll need to get rid of some of your stuff.

Studies show that smaller places get cluttered faster than big ones, so don't let that happen to you. Be sure that the things you don't utilize or want don't steal spaces you are obviously lacking - try to declutter at least once a year.

A woman deciding which clothes to keep after using a moving company app

Chase the Fear Away With Your Imagination

Yes, you may have some problems when thinking about how to decorate a small apartment for Christmas if you’re dreaming of a huge tree and numerous Christmas-themed items all over the place - it will take you some time to get used to the tiny living area, especially if you are moving out for the first time from your parents’ big house. However, don't let it stop you from enjoying the place you'll decorate entirely to your own taste. It's not a race - you can have your essentials and then add new pieces over time. Keep in your mind the goal you're aiming for and realize all your creative potential to make your new place feel like home - and it will soon become one. 

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