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How to Pack a TV for Moving

Mar/01/2022 11:00 AM- Moving -

How to pack a TV for moving

One of the challenges of moving to a new house is preparing and packing expensive items. Nobody wants to reach their destination only to find out that a costly item broke during the move. The costly item that is most common in American homes and some offices is a television or TV. They often have flat screens.

We want to help you avoid experiencing the anxiety of breaking your TV during the big move. Below are instructions on how to correctly and securely package your TV. We’ve also included some tips and other things to avoid when preparing and packing your TV for relocation.

How to Package a TV for Moving

Proper packaging can save you TV repair or replacement costs and a headache. However, doing it right can be challenging and awkward. Below are instructions on the best way to pack your TV, whether you have a 65-inch TV, a 32-inch LED TV, or another type.

Start by gathering the necessary packing supplies. If you’ve begun packing at home, you likely already have some of the following packing materials nearby:

  • TV Box, preferably the original box the TV came with.
  • Foam corners, preferably those that originally came with the TV.
  • Original protective screen sleeve or bubble wrap.
  • Packing tape.
  • Cushioning materials (moving blanket, bubble wrap, or stretch wrap).

Prepare the TV for Packing

Prepare the TV and organize its cables for packing. Before you unplug any cables and wiring, take a photo of the back of the TV. Use the images later as a reference when reassembling the TV in your new home. Disconnect the TV from accessories like the DVD player, gaming console, or soundbar. Ensure you also pack them in separate boxes.

Dismount the TV from the wall if necessary. If you didn’t mount your TV on a wall, remove its legs or stand instead. Remove the batteries from the remote and place them aside.

Clean and Protect the TV

Use this chance to clean the TV with a screen cleaner and canned air. Clean the wiring and other components, as well.

Gather and fasten each cable separately and organize them. Bag each accessory in labeled storage bags and gather them in one place.

Next, you’d want to protect the screen. Use a protective sleeve to cover the TV screen, preferably the original sleeve that came with the TV. If you can’t get it, use two layers of bubble wrap instead. Secure the sleeve or bubble wrap with packing tape. Secure the wrap to the TV case, but don’t let the packing tape touch any part of the screen.

Pack the TV in Its Box

Now, the TV is ready for packing. Take the original foam corners and place them around your TV’s corners. Slide the TV into its box while keeping tabs on the right side up.

Finally, secure the box with packing tape and clearly label it FRAGILE in visible places. Don’t forget to also label the right side up.

How to Pack a TV without a Box

Some people don’t have space in their homes for storing the boxes their appliances came with. You have a few options if you’ve thrown out the original TV box.

The first one is to consider buying a custom-sized moving box for the TV. It’s a great alternative, especially if you have a 55-inch TV that won’t fit typical moving box dimensions. However, buying custom-sized boxes can be costly.

A budget-friendly and boxless way to pack your TV is to wrap it in a moving blanket. Start by wrapping 2-3 layers of bubble wrap over the screen from the top. Pad the corners with foam and secure with tape.

Place the TV flat in the center of a moving blanket with the screen face up. Wrap it like a gift and secure the bundle with packing tape.

How to Pack Flat-Screen TV for Moving

Flat-screen TVs are more vulnerable because of their thinner nature and wider screen surface. You don’t need to change the earlier method for packing a flat screen. However, take extra care when you pack your flat-screen TV for moving.

Follow the same steps:

  • Prepare the TV and organize its accessories.
  • Clean the TV and protect its screen.
  • Carefully place it in its box or wrap it.

How to Pack a Large TV for Moving

How to pack a large TV for moving

What about larger televisions, like a 75-inch TV? The same method applies. Prepare it, clean it, and pack it with care. However, you may need more packing material to pack larger TVs, which can cost extra.

A drawback to packing a large TV is that you need a box. Good news for you if you still have the original box. However, if you don’t have it anymore, you have a problem.

Wrapping a large screen TV in moving blankets poses a risk, so we don’t recommend it. The best alternative to packing a large TV is to order a custom box. Getting a large custom box may cost you, but it’s better than replacing your large screen TV.

Dos and Don’ts of Packing Large TVs

The safest way to pack a large TV is to hire professional movers to pack it. Most moving companies offer packing and unpacking services.

When packing your large TV, make sure you check the box’s integrity, especially the bottom. You don’t want the bottom of the box giving out while movers are loading it into their moving vehicle.

It also helps to have an extra pair of hands to help you pack a large TV. Having someone to help you pack is essential if you have a heavy TV.

When fitting it into its box, a pro tip is to place it flat on the floor and then slide it into the box. Do the same when you’re unpacking the TV.

Call local movers if you can’t pack your TV because you don’t have time to do it carefully or if it’s too large. Professionals have the training, knowledge, and skills necessary to ensure your TV’s safety.

Use the moving app Mod24 today to find a quality and reliable moving company to help you out.

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