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How to Move Out for the First Time and Start Living on Your Own

Jun/18/2021 12:00 PM- Moving -

If you are posing the question of how to move out for the first time, the chances are that you are ready to start your independent life. You are most probably currently experiencing an emotional rollercoaster. Relocating is exciting, anxiety-inducing, and a bit sad, too. But it's all a part of life, and what is ahead of you will only bring more good. And with our tips, you'll be ready to move in the blink of an eye.


What Age Is Best to Move Out?

No two moves are the same, and the same goes for the first ones. With student debts and economic recession, it seems that by the age of 27, most Americans will move out at least once from their parent's home for a period that is longer than 3 months. However, a lot of them will move back in after college, so it really depends. The median age when people move out is about 19 years old. Still, there is nothing wrong with relocating before or after that age. The main thing is that the person relocating is emotionally and financially stable, ready, and excited to start a new life.


How Much Money Should You Have Saved Before Moving Out?

The first relocation always seems like it will break the bank. Don't get us wrong, it's not like relocating is cheap. You’ve most probably spent most of your life living with your parents and don't own any household items, so you might have to save money to move. However, one of our crucial tips is not to wait until you can afford a mansion. Soon we will cover all the financial expenses you should have in mind to move out, but if you're wondering how big your savings for unexpected expenses should be, try to have around $1000 to $2000 saved.


How Much Money Do You Need to Move Out?

When it comes to asking how big your relocation budget should be, the answer is a complex one. Your budget will have to have a few points on it, including the previously mentioned savings for unexpected expenses, and they are the following:

     Rent is the first necessary expense - When relocating, you have to have a home to relocate to, and most often the first home you move to will not be your own. Depending on where you live and how the house haunting goes, rent can be higher or lower, but $600 is about the lowest it will go.

     You're going to require enough funds to cover bills - One of the things you need for your first apartment is a detailed list of your monthly spendings. Bills are not just utilities, but transport, food, and internet. So make sure you have enough for these as well as for spending on fun and activities.

     A deposit is needed for any new apartment - When renting, be ready to give some cash on the deposit and security insurance. This deposit will probably go toward your last rent, but you have to have it in advance, so keep that in mind.

     You should have control over the student debt you've acquired - We know that student and other debts are not small, and no one expects you to pay them off in a year or two. However, you should have a plan for paying them off, to have the best control over your general financial situation.

     Have savings to pay for a moving company - We can't tell you how much moving companies charge, because it depends on multiple factors. However, you can use our app to compare moving companies and choose a relocation company that will work for you.

Want to Know How to Move Out for the First Time on a Budget? Find a Roommate

When it comes to relocation tips for moving out for the first time, especially on a budget, it is not a bad idea to find a roommate to share the place with. On the one hand, if you have anxiety about relocating, roommates can become amazing friends and offer emotional support. Even if you are not necessarily looking to be best friends with your roommate, it can still be helpful to have someone around, especially if you are relocating from a big family. It's always a bit strange to find yourself in a quiet home after living in a full house, even if peace is all you want.

Finding a roommate can mean a lot when it comes to budget-related problems. There is a high chance you will find a bigger and better apartment if you are splitting it with someone, and it will cost less than if you are relocating on your own. Of course, living with a roommate isn't for everyone, but it will allow you to save up. If you opt for this, one of our tips is to be careful who you choose to share your space with.

Even if you decide on a close friend, it might turn out that the two of you are not compatible for a life together. Rather than choosing based on shared interests and general closeness, try to find someone who shares your views on cleanliness and responsibility. These will be much more important when you are relocating from a house to an apartment.


How to Move Out for the First Time and What to Look Out for When You're Looking for a Flat?

When relocating, there are two potential traps you might fall into. The first is that you try to find the ideal home. Your new place is the first one you will move into, but not the last one. Don't look at it as settling down for good and find something that works with your budget. On the other hand, you might want to move in a hurry for several reasons. We get it, you are ready to become independent, but don't be in a rush to organize the move and find the right flat. One of our tips is to move efficiently, rather than quickly.

Take More Than a Day to Scout Flats

As we already mentioned, you might decide to move into the first available apartment you find. This is not smart, trust us. First off, you should go to a few places to see what is optimal in your area when it comes to hunting for homes.

Have a few top picks, but don't just choose them according to the price. Check out the water pressure, humidity, and temperature, as well as phone signal and internet service capacity. Open every cupboard, look at every nook and cranny. Another important thing is to see how good the sound isolation is. If you are a social butterfly, you will probably be organizing dinners and parties, but don't end up with neighbors who hate you for it.

Ask the Potential Landlord as Many Questions as You Can

Make sure you and the landlord are on the same page. If you plan to move with a pet, ask if the place is pet-friendly. You should also see if the landlord will be willing to take the rental fee in the same period as the one in which you get your paycheck. Ask as many questions as you can - there are no stupid ones - to figure out which of your top picks is the one you should move to.

Create a List of Priorities and Essentials the New Apartment Should Have

Depending on your budget, you might move into a furnished place, but maybe you will be required to move in some, or all, furniture. As we mentioned - the first flat won't be perfect. However, think about your lifestyle and prioritize - are you looking for a place with a lot of light or one with two bedrooms? Is a terrace a must? Are you a smoker who needs smoking-friendly accommodation? These are all important criteria to consider.


You Should Have a Moving Out for the First Time Checklist

Some things are non-negotiable when relocating. Other than furniture, there are many items that you will need that are easy to forget when relocating. You probably don't think about them since you still live in your parents' home. Here are some items which should be on your first time moving out checklist that are easy to neglect although you'll require them no matter where you might move:


     Cleaning supplies

     Trash cans


     Iron and ironing board


     Flashlight and batteries

     Toilet paper

     Food for the first few days

     Documents and items for organizing important documents at home


Other Things to Know When Moving Out

Apart from everything we already mentioned, there are a few things to expect when relocating from your old place and settling into the new one. Let's take a look at stuff to have in mind before you start packing, as well as what you should look out for after you unpack.

Buy the Essentials Before You Start Moving

Once you’ve decided to move and found an apartment, you can get down to spending. Maybe you already own some items like old dishes and items like pillows or blankets. You won't need to buy everything, so create a list of everything you can take with you that you already own. Everything else you can buy in IKEA or thrift stores. But try to buy stuff before you move, so that you can settle in right away and not run around getting stuff you don't have.

Be Smart About the Items You Take With You

On the other hand, you also don't want to overburden your new home with items. The beauty of relocating is that now you can decorate the place how you wish. Declutter your stuff before you relocate. Downsize for the move, and while you are at it, you can donate these items or resell them for some extra money.

Don't Shy Away from Asking for Help

Your parents will be able to help you, so don't be shy to ask them. It won't make you any less independent but will ensure the whole process is much easier. So put calling up your friends, family, and loved ones on the relocation to-do list. Delegate some tasks and make the relocation a breeze.

Be Ready to Scout Issues With the Flat - They Should be Covered by the Deposit Insurance

Surely, there will be some problems that arise when you move in that you couldn't have anticipated beforehand. Maybe some bugs or rodents show up, your pipes start leaking, or the heating system breaks. Watch out for these and take photos of anything out of the ordinary in the flat you live in. Your landlord should be the one to fix these problems, so send them the photos and wait for their response before you start looking for solutions yourself.


Find the Right Movers Through Our App for Moving

The first move entails a greater possibility of falling for one of the common relocation scams. A good moving company, on the other hand, will help you a ton with relocation hacks. They will know about all the relocation essentials you’ll need, allowing for an experience of a stress-free move. And trust us, you don't want to be traumatized by your first move - there will be more to come.

To have the best possible relocation experience, use Mod24 features, a moving company app that will help you avoid any relocation industry challenges and issues that can arise. Our job here is to analyze relocation statistics and trends and find top movers in your area. All you have to do is download our moving app, create an account, fill in the dates and places of your relocation, and voila, your work is done. The rest is up to us, and we can assure you that the companies we present you with are trustworthy and professional.

At the end of the day, you will be presented with prices, services, and reviews that will take you to the best company in town. We encourage you to contact us for any further information you may need. 

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