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How to Survive Moving Back in With Parents at 30

Oct/07/2021 12:00 PM- Moving -

Moving back in with parents at 30 might mean you're living through your worst nightmare. Yet, this decision doesn't have to be a bad one. On the contrary, there are many benefits of living with your parents at 30, even if you don't know what they are yet. So, let us put your mind at ease and provide you with some tips to help you survive this huge transition.

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Moving Back in With Parents at 30 May Be Hard at First, But There Is a Good Reason You've Decided Upon This Change

Moving back home at 30 can't be easy, and that's okay. Your folks are probably going to treat you as a kid, even if you have been an adult for years. So, if you are finding it hard to move in stress-free, we understand. It is difficult to find yourself going back to a situation you had to work hard to leave.

All of us work hard to leave our childhood house. Yet, it is what it is, and it's important to accept the situation as soon as possible. Just know that, even though you might be sharing a space with your folks, you are still an independent adult - just an adult that has some older roommates at this point.

Trust That This Life Change Is Only Temporary - You Won't Share a Home With Your Folks Forever

More often than not, deciding on where to live isn't actually our resolution to make. This ''decision'' is probably influenced by a different life change, such as going through a divorce, break up, or losing your job. The truth is, rent is quite expensive in the US, so a lot of people have to move in together with their partners or roommates in order to even have a chance to go house-hunting.

When circumstances change, and you end up without a roommate or your paycheck, often living arrangements do as well. The most important thing, though, is to know that your current situation won't stay the same forever. It's not the end of a road - just a little smoke break to collect your thoughts and continue the drive.

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How Long Is It Acceptable to Live With Your Parents?

A lot of people, when they find themselves in this situation, start posing questions like: is it normal to live with your parents at 30? Am I the only one going through this transition? What will others think? Ultimately, is it embarrassing to live with your parents at 30? Is it okay to move back in with your parents? And, of course, when you perceive this situation as an unplanned setback, it is not strange that you'd start doubting yourself and your life choices.

Yet, none of these questions are actually productive and are more detrimental to your mental health than anything else. So, to answer your question: it is acceptable to live with your folks for as long as you need or have to. There's no age limit - just don't make this a comfort zone you never get out of.

More and More Millennials Are Going Back to Their Childhood Homes

Because of financial struggles that come from the lack of security of the job market or due to student debt and similar loans, more and more people are going through the same thing you are. And actually, the percentage of millennials moving in back with their folks is currently twice as large as that of Generation Z when they were of the same age.

So, if the transition you are experiencing is making you feel anxious, at least it might be a comfort to know that this is a generational curse. Yet, know that you and your peers will surely manage to move from that house to an apartment of your own choosing - in the least.

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If You Want to Survive Living With Your Mom and Dad as an Adult, You'll Need a Positive Outlook

Although it might not seem that way, there are many benefits to relocating back to your childhood home. Whether you perceive these as pros or not might significantly impact how you experience this chapter of your life. Trust us - the more pros you manage to envision, the easier it will be to survive. Yet, whether you'll perceive your full childhood house as a cup half empty, or a cup half full will be up to you. Because we want you to make it to the moment you unpack boxes in the quiet of your future solo place, we'll underline the positive aspects of your current situation.

You Are Not the Sole Person Responsible for the Bills, Groceries, and Cleaning Anymore

If everything about this situation is getting on your last nerve, at least you can count on your family for some help around the home, as they do yours. When you live alone, you have to do everything - from washing dishes to organizing documents, watering plants, and paying the bills.

If you move in with a cat, you can never forget to buy litter and food when you're on your own. However, when you and your dog move into your folks' place, your retired Ma and Pa might even take up a walk or two off of your hands. It's really great that, at least, you'll be able to relax when it comes to all the difficulties that come with being the only one who pays for rent.

Even if You Spend the Whole Day Watching TV, You'll Still Eat Tasty Cooked Food

A lot of people in their late twenties and early thirties find it hard to maintain their daily duties and take care of themselves at the same time. Sometimes, even though you've packed your pots and pans properly, it can be super difficult to make yourself use them regularly to prepare daily meals. It can be convenient and ultimately refreshing to move in with your folks, as you'll be able to enjoy their cooking and get in the habit of eating regular meals. And you might even learn a new recipe!

Use This Opportunity to Save Money and Plan Your Move

Although you might not be able to pack your furniture and then move all the large items you own just yet, you can use this situation of not having to pay rent to save money to move out in the near future. Not only can you save some money, but you should use this situation to plan your relocation budget as well as to organize your move so that when the time comes, you can just pack your clothes and go back to living on your own. The truth is - nothing will get you back on your feet as fast as having your folks for roommates.

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If You Are Moving Back in With Parents at 30 With Kids, You Won't Just Save Money on Rent, But on Babysitters Too

If you are moving back in with parents at 30 with family, it might mean you're dealing with a lot more than just a relocation. Things like a breakup, divorce, or death of a loved one are difficult to have on your plate at the same time you have to move with kids and deal with your own folks. Yet, there is something to be said about handing over your babies to their grandparents when the going gets tough.

If You Are Moving Back in With Parents at 30 With Kids, You'll Be Able to Focus on Your Career More

Grandparents love their grandchildren and would do anything to spend time with them. So, if your folks feel compelled to take care of your kids, you can not only save on paying a babysitter but also direct your focus somewhere else. Have your Mom and Dad look out for your children at least for two to three hours every day. The extra hours might get you to dedicate yourself to your career or look for a better job that'll ultimately get you to move out. Just make sure you use this situation for your betterment and not to stress out regularly.

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How to Survive Life When You Are Moving Back in With Your Parents at 30?

Sometimes a positive outlook alone just won't cut it, and to survive this new roommate situation, you'll have to use a few strategies to handle your new roommates. Unfortunately, these recommendations deal more with regulating your own emotions and emotional responses than with specific actions. But in the end, there's only so much you can do to impact the situation - your approach will ultimately determine the outcome.

You'll Have to Set Up Boundaries - And Will Probably Do It More Than Once

The most important thing about sharing a space with your family is to make sure healthy boundaries are in place. That can be a bit harder for your folks to understand, as they probably still think of you as their baby. Yet, when they start getting into your personal space, it's really important to voice your concerns. Try talking to your folks in a clear and elaborate way, and explain your thoughts and feelings to them. And get ready, cause this will probably happen more than once. But, in the end, it will be worth it.

You Can't Let Your Folks Frustrate You (Even if They Really Do)

While sometimes you'll manage to see eye to eye, and your concerns and boundaries will be understood as relevant, some battles you won't be able to win. It's important not to lose your mind over this and spend days arguing with your folks. You know what they say -   patience is a virtue. And so is compassion and understanding.

So, the next time you find yourself in an argument that doesn't seem like it will ever end go to your inner happy place. Soon enough, you'll be able to move to another city or a planet even, but until then, try to lessen the stress and frustration that come with feeling misunderstood. Some things you won't be able to explain to them, and that is okay - you don't have to.

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This Is a Great Opportunity to Spend More Quality Time With Your Mom And Dad

Most people who move back in with their family want to do everything and anything but spend extra time with them. Yet, there's no better way to get to see the positive aspects of it all than by forging a new, adult relationship with them. It will help you understand their position better, as well as them yours, ultimately leading to a better experience for everyone involved.

Teaching Them New Things Or Sharing Your Interests Can Be a Great Way to Bond

There's so much your folks could learn from you - from how to use electronics to where to grab a cup of coffee during their morning coffee run. Sharing knowledge and experiences even on these little things will help you bond more with them, as well as make them see you in a new light. And, it might create an equal relationship between all of you.

Use This Transition to Help Them Out Around the House

As your Mum and Dad get older, they might need a bit of help around the house too. Most of us actually never stop thinking about our folks when we are not around them, considering the best ways to help them out and be there. Yet, when you don't see them daily, it can be hard to take care of them properly. So, use this opportunity of living with them to help with the tasks that require more physical activity, like carrying groceries, lifting heavy plants, and ironing.

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Use Mod24 App for Moving and Find the Best Relocation Company to Help You Move Out

Although you might not be able to move out just yet, don't worry - it will be in the cards soon enough. And once it happens, we strongly recommend using the Mod24 app to compare moving companies and find the best one for you. This moving app is amazing as it helps its users circumvent the relocation industry's challenges and issues through the use of its features and services. With it, you'll be able to find reputable movers even if you are last-minute moving and do it all out of the comfort of your own home. So, don't hesitate to download our moving company app today and start planning your move. And of course, feel free to contact us for any additional information and questions you may have.

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