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The Pros and Cons of Moving Back in With Parents at 25

Oct/11/2021 12:00 PM- Moving -

We can never predict accurately what will happen in life, and that's the beauty of things. However, that can also be a source of hardship. If you find yourself moving back in with parents at 25, you will probably have many different feelings. Will they be good or bad? Probably both - which might be a bit confusing. In this article, we've gathered the most important pros and cons of moving back home at 25.

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This will certainly be a huge change, but it's up to you to decide how you will deal with it. At first thought, this sounds like a failure, but is it really? It's more common than you think, which means that you're not alone in facing this challenge. Before you start bringing your spirits down, check out this text. It will help you put things in perspective.

You Shouldn't Feel Bad About Moving Back in With Parents at 25

You are probably wondering - is it okay to move back in with your parents? This dilemma isn't something you need on top of all the relocation stress you will feel for weeks before the move, so we will solve it for you now. Of course, it is alright - it's nothing to feel embarrassed or guilty about. This isn't any indicator of future failure - it's just a temporary situation, and it happens to a lot of us.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic has started, young people have been coming back to their childhood homes in huge numbers - we haven't seen a comeback of this scale in decades, since the Great Depression, to be precise. So, it seems like millennials are shaking off the stigma of moving back with your parents at 25 or even later. It isn't anything uncommon in 2021 - it's not even strange. But the fact remains that it's a big adjustment after living independently for years, and it will take plenty of getting used to, even if you'll reside there for a short period.

What Percent of 25-Year-Olds Live With Their Parents in Their Childhood Home?

Okay, we've established that it's a common occurrence, but you can still ask - is it normal to live with your parents at 25? Is it normal for a 26-year-old to live with parents, or even older? It might seem that it's not, but the times have changed. We have a pandemic and today's economy to thank for that. What's considered normal in society is always susceptible to change, and the change is happening. Today, about 52% of Americans aged 18-29 reside with a parent or two - that's more than 26 million. You have no reason to feel the anxiety about the move - try to focus on things like how to organize packing or tasks such as deciding what to get rid of when you move. Don't overthink the situation - relax, and follow your relocation to-do list.

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The Most Common Reasons for Coming Back Home After 24

We've mentioned the pandemic and economic crisis as two main triggers for the large influx of young adults returning to their childhood homes. These two are strongly connected, but it's important to note that these aren't the only reasons to give up living on your own. Here's why millions of Americans are organizing a move back to their first home.

Temporary Financial Issues 

It can happen to everybody - nobody can say that they are 100% immune to financial loss. Coming back to the house you grew up in is a smart way to handle the situation. If you've lost your job and you have to spend less money in the following months, this is the most logical step. You will save a lot on rent and utilities, plus, you don't have to go house-hunting for a cheaper place to move in - skipping deciding where to reside is especially fortunate if you have to move in a hurry. Also, you won't have to bother writing a new apartment checklist. All you have to handle is organizing a relocation budget - you probably won't even have to save money to move. After the relocation, you will have time to think and plan the next chapter of your life.

Wanting to Be Closer to Family During Pandemic

Let's leave aside the effect that Covid-19 has had on the real estate market. Even if you are drowning in cash, it will be hard not to worry about the health of your family members. We all know that older people are especially vulnerable to the virus, and it would make perfect sense to move back under the same roof with your old folks. Peace of mind will be a great benefit of the move

Breaking Up a Relationship or Marriage

Rare are those who have a plan for the worst possible scenario, so you can't blame yourself for not being ready for this disaster. Nobody thinks about the possibility of a breakup when they move in with a girlfriend or boyfriend. What to do if you don't have an exit strategy? After the relationship crashes, you aren't in a great emotional state - all you can do is get the relocation essentials and seek comfort from your family. It's nothing to be ashamed of - it just means you have a safety net, which is good.

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Pros That Will Make Your Life Easier

We said that most people think returning to live at home is a bad thing. But that's just a stigma - do you honestly care what society says? Millions of young people can attest to this - living in the home you grew up in for the second time has a lot of benefits, practical and emotional. Pros that we are about to mention will definitely make you want to write a packing list quickly and start getting rid of items movers won't move.

You Will Save a Lot of Money and Get Back on Your Feet

This is the most obvious benefit - we've already mentioned that financial issues are common in today's society and that leaning on your family is a reasonable way to deal with this problem. Think about how much you spend on rent and utilities, and imagine not having to do that. The money you will save in the following months will be more than helpful - just think about so many ways you can use it. If you haven't paid back student loans, this can help you lower the debt. If you are between jobs, you won't have to worry about having a roof over your head.

You're Not Alone at Handling Household Chores Anymore

Maybe it's not an immense consolation, but hey - it's not nothing. You will divide chores with other family members, and you will quickly notice that this saves plenty of time that you can now use to look for a job, learn new skills, or think about plans for the future. Even if you just end up picking up a hobby or walking your dog more than before, that's a good thing.

Being Able to Help Out Your Family Will Feel Great

You don't have to feel as if you are a child again - you're not, and you are perfectly able to help out in various ways. Helping family members is something every young adult will enjoy. In whatever way you assist your mom or dad, you can be sure that they will appreciate it, and that will strengthen your bond. Things won't be the same as when you were a teenager - now that you're all grown up, you will get along much better with them.

You Could Use the Emotional Support During Difficult Times

Living alone is great, but it's good to have someone to comfort you when you're going through tough times. Yes, your friends will always be there for you, but you must keep in mind that everybody has busy schedules - you might not always be able to grab a coffee with your best friend. Instead, try going for a walk with your mom or dad. You'd be surprised how helpful this can be.

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Cons That Might Cause You Some Discomfort

Nothing's perfect, so obviously, you can't expect this new living arrangement to go without a glitch. This shouldn't discourage you from your plan to move back - it's simply the matter of being informed. Everybody knows that learning as much as possible about every aspect of the move is the best relocation tip out there.

Setting Up Boundaries Can Be Hard to Do

You must keep in mind that, after you moved out for the first time, you've changed. You learned how to take care of yourself and what works best for you in each situation. But your folks may not have the same habits as you - this can lead to some complications. The most important thing is mutual respect - if you are ready to listen to each other and establish healthy boundaries, there shouldn't be any problems.

Losing Independence and Privacy Is Unpleasant

The loss of independence is hard for everybody. Try to remember that this is not a permanent situation and that you'll be back on your own soon. You'll pack books and clothes again and move from house to apartment of your dreams. Be patient, and have goals you'll work towards. When it comes to privacy - yes, that might be uncomfortable, but you will learn to handle those issues. Remember why you moved back, and focus on the benefits - ultimately, you will move out again, regain your privacy and independence, and everything will be back on track.

You Might Lose Your Self-Esteem

This is a direct consequence of losing the independence and privacy you had when you were on your own. What techniques can you use to fight this? We suggest setting up a proper self-care routine. Having a few moments for yourself, reading a great book, or going to the gym - all these are things you can use to calm your thoughts and, ultimately, get through this challenging period of your adulthood. You know what works best for you - focus on that.

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Tips for Handling These New Living Arrangements

Everybody researches relocation hacks, but how many of us think to research post-relocation ones? You survived the move and avoided the usual relocation mistakes, but what now? How will you get used to this enormous change? As always, we have a few tips that will help you relax in the new/old surroundings - check out the list below:

     Try to have a healthy lifestyle - physical activity and healthy food will be of huge help.

     Don't fall back into your childhood routines.

     Decorate your room - get rid of those old posters. You'll feel more comfortable.

     Spend quality time with your folks - you have no idea how much that will mean to them.

     Be considerate - try to think of them more as roommates rather than family members.

     Teach them something they can't learn on their own - it's a great way to bond.

     Don't be messy - you're not sixteen anymore.

     Be the one who de-escalates arguments, and don't fire them up.

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Your Parents Might Be Tempted to Go Back to Their Parenting Mode - Be Ready to Handle This Complication

It might not be on purpose, but it can happen. Your old folks are so used to you being the kid who needs to be cared for that they might unconsciously try to do that, even though you are an adult now. That doesn't mean that you should immediately start planning a move to another city so you can run away from them. The key to solving this tricky issue is communication. Be ready to voice your concerns about the way they treat you. Sure, you are under their roof, but that doesn't mean you need a curfew or screen limit. They have to let you take care of yourself - after all, this is a temporary situation, remember that.

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