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MOD24 Features

Aug/24/2020 12:00 PM- Moving -

Picking the right moving company sometimes seems like a lottery; you just can't win at it. For most people, it is the most nerve-wracking task (besides packing) because there are so many fraudulent companies that don't have your best interest in mind. Somewhere between trying to figure out if the reviews are fake and trying to decode that fine print, people give up and just hope for the best. Luckily, the time has come for the moving game to be upgraded and for those trustworthy companies to rightfully steal the stage. MOD24 is a service and a platform designed to bring all the best companies to you in just a few clicks. If you're ready to find your movers, let's introduce you to MOD24 and its features.

What Is MOD24?

Over the many years we have been in the business, we became aware of all moving industry challenges and issues for both parties involved, clients and companies. Someone had to do something and bring back the order into this field, which is why we came up with the idea of starting MOD24. Whether you never moved before or are well-experienced in relocating, MOD24 will help you forget all potential downsides of it.

This service connects clients looking to book a relocation and moving companies, but not just any companies. Every business that can be found through MOD24 is a reputable and trustworthy company, double-checked and vetted by our team. We like to think of MOD24 as the current peak of this industry and the forerunner of its future because it is the service that could finally make moving easy.

Why Book Your Relocation Through MOD24?

Forget about spending hours on Google trying to find the right movers and separate the wheat from the chaff. This service will curate a list of nothing but the best companies based on the information you provide us with. It will save your time, nerves, and money, but most importantly, it will connect you with trustworthy companies.

What can MOD24 bring to the industry? Finally, some order to this chaos, transparency in pricing, modernization, digitalization, and simplification. We live in the digital era where everything is done online, from grocery shopping to paying bills or booking a vacation. So why not book your next relocation the same way? It is that easy, and there's nothing to be afraid of.

How MOD24 Works?

Forget about endless phone calls with sales representatives or waiting for someone to pick up the phone and answer all your questions. Now, everything is just a few clicks away through our user-friendly webpage. We search for moving companies for you, and our database is packed with hand-picked businesses waiting for you to book them. Feel free to go through reviews; they are 100% genuine and unbiased. We designed MOD24 to be as straightforward as possible, so all clients need to do is to fill out some basic information, and let MOD24 do its magic.

How to Book Your Move in Just a Few Steps

It has probably never been easier to book a move than through MOD24, and here is how it works:

  • Register and create an account on MOD24. 

  • Pick the preferred date of your relocation, origin, destination, and the size of the move.

  • The system will show you all the available companies that serve your area.

  • Feel free to browse through the company's profiles, compare their rates and reviews.

  • Found the one? Book your relocation in a few clicks. You have 10 minutes to book before the session expires, and the slots get closed.

  • Check the status of your move on the dashboard to see if it is pending or did the company already accept it. You can also get notified by email on this.

  • Track the entire progress of your shipment online. 

Do We Store Your Data?

Many people have concerns about online payments and leaving their data online, which is why we find it is important to point out that we don't store credit card information. We will ask you to leave and verify your email address and phone number, but only so that the mover can contact you on the day of the move.

What Are the Main Features and Advantages of MOD24

Anyone who's ever moved and tried to book a company knows how draining and time-consuming that process is, or at least was, before MOD24 created a league of its own. We believe this will truly change the way people move and help the industry get rid of the stigma and the bad reputation that often follow it. Moving industry stats and trends are about to be reset - we're setting some new rules and stepping up the game. Let's introduce you to some of the key features of MOD24.

Reviews You Can Trust

Everyone can put a fake review on their website nowadays, but not on MOD24. You can rest assured that no one is manipulating reviews, because only people who moved through MOD24 will be able to leave a review. Once the relocation is completed, the client will receive a link through which he can post one review. However, there's one exception to this. If you have moved with a particular company before, but not through MOD24 platform, you also have the right to leave just one comment as a review.

The Ability to Compare Ratings and Rates at One Place

Filling out multiple quote forms and spending hours on the phone with sales representatives to get an estimate is something you can forget about. Once you fill out the necessary information about your move, you can browse the selection we've made for you, and compare the offered prices and reviews. It was never easier or faster to get all the essential information you need to book a particular company.

Reliable Customer Support

In case you do want to contact us in the good old-fashioned way and ask something regarding your move, we offer live support. Feel free to give us a call at any time. We also have a customer service that you can contact for any questions and suggestions regarding our services.

Live Tracking

One of the scariest things about relocating is handing over your belongings to someone else and hoping that everything arrives safely on the day of delivery. We are aware that some companies tend to keep goods as hostage and require more money from clients. With MOD24, there's no way that can happen. 

First, we don't do business with such companies, and second, we enable you to track your shipment 24/7. Whether you're relocating cross country or locally, you can check and see where your shipment is at any time. You will also get automatic notifications through which you can track the progress of your delivery, as well as any changes or updates to it.

Transparent Pricing

The price you see is what you'll pay, not a cent more. We know that one of the reasons this industry became so notorious is numerous hidden fees and extra charges that keep popping up once you book a move. Forget about that. Feel free to browse through the offers of different companies and find the best deal for you, without worrying about additional fees.

(Almost) All Companies at One Place

We intend to continue expanding the offer of companies on our webpage, making sure that anyone can have a variety of options to choose from. You can explore their profiles, offers, and reviews while ensuring that every company offering its services through our website is legal, verified, trustworthy, and provides high-quality services. We did all the research for you to ensure that there is no room for fraudulent companies on our website.

Everything Is Done Online

Our goal was to create a straightforward system that anyone can use, from young adults moving to college to seniors relocating to their retirement oasis. It is made to save your time by narrowing down the selection of companies available in your area within a few seconds. It gives you all the information you need to know straight away, and the best part is you can do it all from your phone. From booking, tracking, and leaving a review, everything can be executed promptly and efficiently through our website.

Who Can Use MOD24 

Our intention is to attract people looking to relocate but also moving companies looking for a reliable partner that can help them grow their business and guarantee safety and transparency. In a way, MOD24 guarantees for both parties, so that in the end, everyone wins. Companies choose us because they recognize the potential of such a business model. It also eases their part of the job because our system brings them customers and gives all accurate information, without the need to contact their customer service.

As a client looking to book a move, you need to know that booking your relocation through us is completely safe and secure because every mover and company are verified. There's no room for any scams because we made it all as transparent as possible. And if you choose MOD24 for your first relocation ever, well, we can only say you're lucky because you never had to do it the harder way.

What You Need to Know Before Booking Your Move

There are a few things you should determine before scheduling your relocation that should help you get through the process efficiently. The most essential one is, of course, the budget. Since you'll get guaranteed prices on our webpage, you need to determine your budget first and make sure that the offer you're going for fits your budget. Think about the services you need, is it just the basic moving service or you need packing, storage, supplies, multiple vehicle shipping?

And last but not least, the size of your move. Besides the distance, this is the factor that significantly impacts the final price. You will be able to curate your inventory list, point out any special requests, and notify us about any bulky items, fragile objects, things that are hard to disassemble, and so on. It is essential that you go into detail about all these aspects to give us an accurate picture of the size of your move.

Our Mission - To Make Moving Easy

As we mentioned at the beginning, our mission is to improve and set new standards in this industry. And we believe that everyone can benefit from a platform that brings reliable companies and clients looking for them closer together. Those of you who had moved quite a few times know the struggle of finding a reputable company, but now you actually have someone who guarantees the quality of offered services and the agreed price. We appreciate the trust you gave us by booking through our platform, and we're excited to spread the word about MOD24 and transform the way people move, for good.
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