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How to Pack Fragile Items - Tips and Tricks From Moving Professionals

Jul/31/2021 12:00 PM- Packing -

The part of relocating we probably dread the most is stressing about our belongings. Will they stay intact during shipping? If you know how to pack fragile items for moving, it will save you from unnecessary tension and panic. With some tips and tricks, you will be able to secure your breakables like a pro.

Manmade glass probably dates back to around 3,000 B.C, while one of the most valuable glass art objects in the world is the Portland vase, which was probably made in Rome somewhere at the beginning of the Christian Era, between 5 AD and 25 AD. And it’s still being used today, in a large variety of ways. But glass is not the only breakable thing in our home that will go on the packing list. From electronics to lamps and artwork, many of our possessions need extra care when we prepare them to be shipped if we want them to arrive safely.

Learning How to Pack Fragile Items is of Utter Importance

Every relocation is complex and demanding, and striving to move efficiently should be our goal. But moving fragile items isn’t easy and will require a certain amount of skill or some useful relocating tips. It’s important because no one would like to arrive at their new home and realize that their favorite set of dishes got there in tiny pieces or that their antique mirror got smashed. To avoid such scenarios, you’ll need to go through some preparatory steps first.

Decluttering Will Do You Good in Many Ways

One of the first tasks on your to-do list is to decide what to get rid of when relocating and purge your home of any unwanted possessions. This will make the whole process way more manageable, and it will be beneficial to your move. If you come across any unpaired mugs, dishes, or glasses, it’s the right time to part with them, and you can sell them at a garage sale. Anything that is damaged or broken should find its way to the garbage can. You can set aside some unwanted possessions and later donate them to a charity. 

Decluttering will relieve you of too much work when you start with the packing. It will help you downsize for the move while you’ll also be able to save money by lowering the number of belongings for transport. You’ll see how fewer objects on your inventory list will lower the price after you’ve used an app to compare moving companies and their estimates.

Before You Start, Get the Right Supplies

Relocations start with a plan a move to another city or state but will take much more to pull off than our wishful thinking. Some things are easier done than others, though. We can find reliable movers through a moving company app, but we won’t do much work if we don’t stock up on different materials and tools. That’s why, before you can begin packing fragile items for moving, you should get the following:

  • High-quality, sturdy boxes are essentials for packaging fragile items. Small and medium ones are probably your best choice since overstuffing a box can result in damage to your stuff. Choosing smaller packages will make sure you will be able to carry them with less effort.

  • Get your hands on a couple of rolls of heavy-duty tape and not plain duct tape. This is necessary to secure the tops, bottoms, and edges of the boxes thoroughly, so they don’t fall apart in our hands and our belongings don’t end up on the pavement. A sturdier tape will keep the bottom flaps firmly closed and help you have a stress-free relocation.

  • Cushioning materials will allow us to take care of each item, no matter how delicate, and ship it freely. Everything works, from packing paper and foam peanuts to crumpled newspapers to fill in the gaps.

  • Bubble wrap is considered the best packing material for fragile items and with a good reason. It’s versatile and will cushion any delicate item out there. Although initially invented as a groovy wallpaper, its destiny was quite different. Today, it’s probably the most useful wrapping material for shipping delicate objects, but it is widely popular as a stress relief toy, too. 

  • Painters’ tape is one of those ultimate relocating hacks. You should get it for securing your belongings that have a glass surface, such as mirrors and framed photos. Did you know that when glass cracks, bits and pieces can travel as fast as 3,000mph? You probably wouldn’t want to experiment with your possessions to confirm it, and that’s why anything that could break should be secured.

  • Foam pool noodles are a great way to deal with framed objects. You can use them to secure the edges of the frames.

  • Each of these materials will be easier to handle with proper tools, and that’s why you’ll need a high-quality and easy-to-use tape dispenser, sharp scissors, and a bunch of markers in various colors for labeling the packages.

It may be wise to invest in specialized boxes designed especially for mirrors and other thin, breakable stuff with frames. 

You Might Be Able to Find and Use a Free Box or Two

On a side note, if you’re wondering what to use to pack fragile items but save up at the same time, you can find used free cartons on sites such as Craigslist or Freecycle. A local liquor shop may also have just what you need, even box dividers. They can be great for objects such as glasses, cups, or perfume bottles.

Grab a Box and Let the Packaging Begin

One of the most important tips is to give yourself enough time to take care of this task with utmost care. If you do it properly, it can relieve you of some of the anxiety about moving out. Designate a place where you won’t be in anyone’s way and avoid making clutter. It can be a large dining table or the floor of an unused room, anything that has a large flat surface. Remember that the bottom of each box should be thoroughly cushioned before you start placing stuff inside.

Packing Glasses for Moving May Be a Bit Trickier

Don’t dread while you look at glasses, not even when it comes to those with a stem. But, how do you package something that is fragile and irregularly shaped at the same time? One of the relocation mistakes you can make is to overstuff the carton with delicates. They are bound to break that way. The trick is to protect each item separately with a few layers of bubble wrap. You should then place them in thoroughly cushioned smaller boxes. When it comes to packaging glasses, if you want to secure them properly and avoid damage altogether, use box dividers. If you have none at hand, then you should place glasses vertically inside the carton.

Dividers to the Rescue When You Pack Items Like Dishes and Plates

The next tip will explain how to approach packaging plates - and to do it properly. If you’ve managed to find cardboard dividers, use them to your advantage. After you wrap each item in bubbles, place a cardboard sheet (or perhaps a foam sheet) between them to entirely separate them. If your dishes have lids, make sure you’ve wrapped them individually. Fill all the remaining gaps with crumpled paper - and be generous with it.

Electronics Will Require a Hack

When it comes to sensitive electronics, organizing packing to move them will require their original packaging. No other box can beat the one in which the item in question arrived. This is also an excellent tip for any electronics you want to place in storage. But, before you send them to a storage facility in their packaging, check if they have been thoroughly cleaned of dust and grime.

One Rule When It Comes to Packaging Mirrors, Artwork, and All Things Framed

If you didn’t skip obtaining painters’ tape while organizing your move, it will come in handy with all objects that have glass surfaces. By making an X on the glass with tape, you will make sure that glass pieces won’t spill in the box even if it gets shattered. It is better than other types of tape for this purpose because it won’t leave glue residue after you peel it off. Pool noodles are the answer to the question “how to package fragile items for shipping and avoid damage to the edges”. It can be cut into pieces that will fit onto frames and secure the edges.  

How Do You Pack Fragile Items Without Bubble Wrap?

Are you wondering how to wrap fragile items without wrapping them in bubbles or if it is even possible to protect them that way? You can use your plain household softies for this task. Any old t-shirt or a towel can serve both for wrapping as well as cushioning. You can even grab some socks and pull them over smaller delicate objects. This is a good option for those on a tight relocation budget, as they will be able to save up by using just what’s available in the house.

How Do You Pack Fragile Items for Moving and Storage?

If you’re wondering how do you wrap a fragile object for self-storage units, the rules are similar. Cushion and wrap, and don’t overstuff the packages. The only additional tip is that your delicates must be both clean and dry, or they can develop mold while being stored. That’s why you need to wash and wipe each and every item and check if they are dry before you place them in the package.

Never Skip the Labeling Part

What can be of immense help with your move? An app for moving, that's for sure, because with it, you'll be able to pick the right moving company. Taking some relocation essentials with you will also save you from stress. But labeling packages is a major hack for unpacking and protecting packages with delicates inside. If you mark them with "fragile" and do it both on the top and the sides, movers will take special care with them. Labeling is one of the things that you shouldn't forget to do when relocating.

Call in Some Professional Help

Although taking care of breakables by yourself is doable, and these tips and tricks will help you do it, none of it beats the hands of professionals. If you have picked a reputable company through a moving app, you can freely invest in various services. Investing in a service is especially helpful if you need to pack to move in a hurry and don’t have time to handle it yourself. It means that the company's crew comes to your home and secures every breakable object for transport. All you will have to do is to create a new apartment checklist of stuff you need to settle in and enjoy the new chapter of your life.

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