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Overcome the Fear of Moving With the Help of These 7 Tips

Oct/11/2021 12:00 PM- Moving -

Are you nervous about moving? Make no mistake - you're not the only one who feels this way. Fear of moving is pretty common, but even though it can be severe, the good news is that there are plenty of ways to fight it. If you are scared to move to a new home and neighborhood, or even a different city, this article will be helpful to you - check out our tips, and learn how to handle this issue.

Worried woman sitting on the floor, holding her head and a mug, surrounded by boxes

Fear of leaving home isn't unreasonable - we all have some level of difficulty when it comes to facing the unknown. What's important is that you have recognized this in yourself and are willing to face the problem head-on and come out of this fight as a winner. How can you do that? You will have to learn a few simple tactics that are useful for lowering the moving-out anxiety. We believe in you - you've got this.

The Fear of Moving - What Is It and How Can You Overcome It?

Why are some people afraid to move? At first thought, it sounds like a simple thing to do - you have to organize your relocation budget, and maybe you'll face some relocation stress, but is it really that big of a deal? However, once you decide that you're definitely relocating, you will start to overthink this step and conclude that it can be genuinely scary. It means leaving the familiar surroundings and going to the unknown.

How can anyone pull off a stress-free move? If you think like this, that means you're experiencing tropophobia - fears of relocating and change. Like any other type of anxiety, it will first feel impossible to overcome, but that's not true. Don't let your fears prevent you from experiencing changes. You can fight this, and we will teach you how.

Don't Feel Bad About the Fear of Moving - It's a Common Thing That Many Different Personality Types Face

The anxiety about relocating isn't something you should feel embarrassed about. We know that it can seem like a failure, but it doesn't say anything about your personality or ability to deal with life. Even the strongest and most capable people can get anxious occasionally. So, you shouldn't give up organizing your move - instead, learn about healthy coping mechanisms and apply them. Research the most common relocation tips and use them to organize the most efficient move you've ever had. It will all end well, and you'll see that you worried for nothing. 

A sad girl, sitting on the floor surrounded by boxes

#1 Make Self-Care Activities a Part of Your Everyday Routine

In today's society, people are often valued by the amount of work they do. Relaxing your mind and body and focusing on yourself has only recently become popular. When discussing this type of anxiety, we must mention that self-care and me-time are the ultimate relocation essentials.

You can hardly deal with organizing packing even when you're not panicking about the upcoming life changes. However, this is important to remember - you will have difficulties adjusting to the new area if you don't prioritize yourself in the months before the move. But how can you focus on relaxing activities when you have a mile-long packing list to take care of? Plus, not to mention the situations when you have to move in a hurry or don't know how to move because you're about to move out for the first time.

Here's How to Make Your Mental Health a Priority

You might be tempted to focus on your new apartment checklist more than on your mental well-being. But here's the catch. Mental health should be your priority in all periods of life, not just when deciding where to live and packing to move to that new home. So, what methods will do you good while planning a move to another city?

We suggest focusing on these - quality sleep, healthy eating regiment, and relaxing activities of your choice. It sounds easy when you say it like this, we know, but the fact remains that this is provenly efficient. Any medical professional would agree with that. Additionally, let us give you a few ideas about those relaxing activities that we've mentioned - here are things that you can try:

     Running or walking in nature,

     Yoga and meditation,

     Breathing exercises,

     Relaxing music or ASMR,

     Dancing lessons,

     Reading a quality book with a cup of tea by your side,

     Re-watching a favorite TV show,

     Re-reading a favorite book,

     Spending time with your pet, if you're relocating with a pet.

A cup of tea, book, and flowers on the white surface

#2 Focus on the Reasons for Relocating and the Opportunities You Will Have in Your New Surroundings

You surely aren't changing your home for no good reason, right? Maybe you want to move in with a girlfriend, or you're chasing after your dream job, or just downsizing and relocating from house to apartment. Either way, there is a goal you want to reach, and being focused on that will help you fight your fears. Think of all the benefits of relocating you will have at your disposal once you finally unpack after the move and handle everything from the move-in cleaning checklist - it is worth a few weeks of feeling unpleasant, isn't it? Otherwise, you wouldn't even agree to move in the first place. 

Keep in Mind That Every Reason to Move Is Worth the Trouble

You might ask yourself - is my reason to move worth all the trouble of packing furniture and feeling anxious as I do right now? Don't even doubt it - we can promise you that all reasons are 100% valid. Why? Because they will all make you get out of your comfort zone and explore opportunities in a different neighborhood, city, or even state - and that's priceless. Well, not literally - you'll still have to save money to move, but you see our point. We all have to overcome our fears at certain moments in life, so why not do it now? So, let's start packing books from your living room, and you will get to your lovely new place soon. 

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#3 Talk to Friends and Family Members About Your Struggles

When facing difficulties, we tend to think that we're alone and that no one can understand them. That's why we hesitate to talk to our friends or parents. Don't be one of those people who make this common relocation mistake. It's always wise to reach out to our loved ones and discuss things that scare us. They will probably be able to calm you down and help you - most people have moved at least once in their life. Even if they haven't and don't understand what this change means, they can undoubtedly hear you out. Sometimes, that can be enough to calm your nerves.

Remember That Physical Distance From Loved Ones Doesn't Mean You Won't Have Them in Your Life

If you are about to move a few streets or just to another neighborhood, this probably won't bother you. But what about the situations where you're getting organized to move to another state? How can you deal with being apart from everybody you've gotten so used to? At first, it probably won't be easy, but as days go by, you will realize good friendships survive the distance, and family will always be family. Plus, it's not like you're living in the 1800s - technology has basically deleted distances, and you are only a few clicks away from seeing a familiar face on your screen.

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#4 Start Preparations for Move on Time, So You Won't Have an Additional Stress of Last-Minute Packing

Last-minute relocation is not fun - trust us, that's not something you want to experience. That's why we always suggest packing on time and avoiding the unnecessary stress of packing dishes an hour before movers arrive to load the boxes onto the truck. It's always better to be packed and prepared for movers in advance than to be in a rush and throw random stuff into boxes. Rushing is the recipe for overlooking the most common things you forget to do when you move.

Being Well-Organized Will Help You More Than You Think Possible

People commonly underestimate the importance of a well-written to-do list. Having everything written down will prevent you from forgetting something and allow you to be as organized as possible. You will have an approximate idea of what else is left to do and how long it will take to do that. Besides a to-do list, you will need an expenses checklist. It's pretty easy to overspend when preparing for a move, and you might not even notice that you have gone through your budget because you are in a state of panic. Keeping detailed notes about everything related to the move is a great way to stay focused and calm yourself down.

Boxes and plants in front of the grey couch

#5 Confront Your Fear of Change Directly - Visit Your New Community and Get Familiar With It

In some situations, it is best to fight the unknown by making yourself familiar with it. If you are relocating locally and can set aside a day to visit the neighborhood you are about to move to, why not do it? This way, you will see that it's nothing scary - it's just a place like any other. In a few weeks, you'll be unpacking boxes in one of the houses here, and you will be happy you went through with this change.

Explore The Neighborhood and Get Familiar With the Amenities You'll Have at Your Disposal

Walk around the neighborhood, see where the stores you'll need are, or where the closest dog park is (if you are relocating with a dog). If you know someone who lives in this place, reach out to them and ask them for advice. The change will seem less drastic if you prepare yourself for it - this is one of the oldest tricks in the book. It will give you a sense of calmness, and once you return to your soon-to-be old home to pack clothes or plan how you will pack fragile items, you'll notice that you feel a bit better.

A house with a porch and a front yard, with plants on both sides

#6 If Your Relocation Anxiety Is Too Severe, Consider Looking for Professional Help

Occasionally, we aren't able to calm ourselves down even with the best coping techniques. Some anxieties can't be handled with yoga or calming music, and you might have to consider the possibility of reaching out to a professional. If packing stuff like kitchen items or getting rid of all those items movers won't move is so stressful to you because of what it means that you're having trouble functioning on a daily basis, be sure to contact someone who is licensed to handle situations like this.

You Can Always Benefit From Therapy - Don't Hesitate to Book an Appointment

You might think that relocation is not a good enough reason to contact a therapist, but you are mistaken. Anything that's stressing you out is worth talking about, and who better to talk to about what you feel than a mental health professional? Put down those pots and pans you were packing - that's not more important than your well-being. Let us note one more thing - there are even cases when a person needs medication to cope with such severe changes. We all deal with problems differently, but the important thing is that we deal with them.

A worried woman holding her head and leaning on a box, surrounded by boxes

#7 If You're Worried Your Items Will Be Lost or Damaged During the Move, We Can Help You Find a Trustworthy Moving Company

Your anxieties may have nothing to do with tropophobia - maybe you're just worried about movers losing or damaging your belongings. That's not unheard of, but it can be easily avoided if you book a reputable company whose movers know how to move large items and carry boxes safely without damaging their contents. So, what can you do to avoid relocation scams that are so common these days?

App to Compare Moving Companies Is Just the Thing Your Need

Mod24 features are excellent for finding the movers of your dreams if you don't know how to choose a relocation company. It's a straightforward and efficient solution that will help those who wish to avoid numerous relocation industry challenges and issues and quickly organize a simple, pleasant move with experienced and skilled movers. What can Mod24 bring to the industry? We can do so much more for your move than you can imagine - you will see that for yourself. Contact us if you have any questions, and we will happily solve all your dilemmas.


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