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5 Ideas for Starting a Successful Home-Based Business

Feb/01/2021 12:00 PM- Tips -

Starting a new business is exciting, but it can be daunting when you don’t know what you don’t know. When you’re trying to get your new business off the ground, it can be hard to know where to start. Never fear — we have the resources to help make your business a success and get you on the road to entrepreneurship. 


Clarify your idea.

The reason there are so many businesses is because no two ventures are exactly alike. What sets your business apart from others? What makes what you do special? This will help you identify exactly what interests you and how you choose to specialize. Specify your idea and figure out how to make that process shine.

Learn the market.

Market research is an intimidating term that really just means learning who buys certain products, as well as when and in what quantities. Knowing who you want to reach and the best ways to do so will help your business be a success. When you know what customers are looking for, you can meet that demand without making too many mistakes along the way. 

There are tons of organizations, programs, and consultants who can help you conduct your research. This research can be as simple as talking with acquaintances: What do they like and dislike about their current options? What would they like to see in a new product? You can leverage this information to give your new business a real boost.

Assess costs.

Until you know what it will cost you to create this business, you can’t move forward. Assess costs inherent with your business — if you were building birdhouses, you would include the cost of the wood, glue, nails, paint, and labor you put into the product. 

You will also need to be sure you have enough capital to get started on your grand adventure, making down payments on the materials required to begin. This is another way that doing your market research can really help you — when you know the price points of other organizations, you can price your products competitively and get an edge on the market. 

Protect your assets.

Many people don’t know the risks inherent with starting a business, much less one from their own homes. It’s important to protect both yourself and your business from liabilities so you’re safe even if the worst should happen. 

One great way to do so is to form an LLC. This limits your liability, increases flexibility, leads to less paperwork, and offers you tax breaks. There has never been a better time to register as an LLC yourself or by using a formation service to skip expensive lawyers’ fees. Fees and regulations vary from state to state, so be sure to check in yours before you get started. 

Homeowners insurance rarely covers at-home businesses or equipment over $2,500. An additional business policy can also give some protection from equipment malfunctions or other catastrophes.

Build your customer base.

Once your business takes off, the best way to grow is to expand your customer base. Traditional methods like sending out mailers are still effective, but there are more ways now to promote your business than ever before. 

Social media platforms allow people to comment, add reviews, and share recommendations, so a solid social media plan can help you develop a corporate presence. Remember to also seek out community social media groups so your neighborhood can shop locally. Creating email newsletters can help keep people excited and talking about your product, and programs like MailChimp have made it simple to stay organized.

When it’s time to make your business a reality, don’t fret! There are experts at every level who are ready to help you make your dream a reality, no matter what it takes.  For instance, Mod24 is ready to help you move into a space that can support your ideas and let you flourish. Find a mover in your area today. Mod24 can help you land movers in Seattle, but also smaller places like Bothell, and amazing Mercer Island.

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Amy Collett

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