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We all know that finding reputable and skillful Mercer Island movers is crucial for a successful and easy move. But where to find them? Where to look? Well, here is your answer! Mod24 is a very popular platform that offers a reliable and quite rich selection of movers in Mercer Island. If you decide to find your Mercer Island movers via Mod24, you will save a lot of time and energy and will find the best movers near you!

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By using our platform you will also be able to get a moving quote, compare quotes, read reviews about different Mercer Island moving companies and book your move without leaving your cozy home! And for all of our members, we have prepared some really delicious discounts and surprises, so make sure to become one as soon as possible.

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If you have started preparing for your move and planning your budget, it is completely natural to start wondering just how much does it actually cost to hire trustworthy and professional movers in Mercer Island. Well, there is not one concrete answer to this question. The cost of your move will very much depend on the type of services you ask for, the size of your inventory, the square footage of your home, whether there are any extra heavy pieces of furniture in the game etc. 

The average cost of hiring movers in Mercer Island is noted to be somewhere around $530, but as we have already mentioned every moving process is unique and this number cannot simply be applied to all the moving processes. Also, if you are moving locally, your Mercer Island movers will be charging per hour and if you are moving long distance they will give you a flat price. 

If you are interested in getting the most accurate information, reach your Mercer Island movers and consult with them about it. They will be more than eager to help you!

Having a list of the most reputable and most motivated movers in Mercer Island right in front of you in one place will make the process of making a choice much faster, easier and more efficient. Mod24 offers the best selection of Mercer Island moving companies you could wish for! 

In our selection you will find only Mercer Island movers who are licensed, insured and completely reliable. Besides that, you can check out the reviews and see what experiences other people have had with Mercer Island movers you are thinking about hiring. We want the moving process to be a pleasant and enjoyable experience for you and that is why on our platform you will only find Mercer Island movers who will be able to provide it to you.

The relocation process does not only include your motivated Mercer Island movers driving your inventory from place A to place B. Since every moving process is unique it is natural that not everybody will be asking for different types of services. If you are about to move your office, you will be asking for office movers and not apartment movers, right? Well, you can be completely relaxed because Mercer Island moving companies offer a wide range of different services that you can ask for! Some of them are the next ones:

  • Apartment moving
  • Residential moving
  • Office moving
  • Storage moving
  • Packers and movers
  • Labor only movers
  • Piano movers

Consult with Mercer Island movers you are thinking about hiring and check out whether the services they are offering match your needs perfectly! 

The way your moving day will look very much depends on factors such as which Mercer Island moving company you have decided to hire, what is the size of your inventory, what services have you asked for etc. What you should know is that all Mercer Island movers will give you a certain time frame and will be very professional about it. All the movers in Mercer Island we are working with are very punctual and very reliable so you should not be worrying about them being late for example.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is that most Mercer Island moving companies have a minimum hour charge. As we have said, all the movers from our selection are very dependable and want to provide the best possible service without having to rush the process.

This is another question that does not have the single answer because there are not two exactly the same moving processes. The number of Mercer Island movers you will need to hire in order to have a safe move depends on services you asked for, the size of your inventory etc. It is logical that someone who lives in a 5 bedroom home will need to hire more Mercer Island movers compared to someone who lives in a 2 bedroom home, right?

In general, it is considered that 2 Mercer Island movers and a truck are enough for moving a studio or one bedroom apartment (unless there are some extra heavy pieces involved for example). If you have a bigger home, you will probably need more Mercer Island movers to help you successfully relocate. In order to be completely sure how many Mercer Island movers will be enough for your unique moving process, ask the movers you are thinking about hiring and they will give you all the details you need to know.

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Mod24 works directly with the best moving companies in Mercer Island. Rely on our professional, trained movers with years of experience.

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Our dedicated labor-only movers on Mod24 guarantee a seamless customer experience, no matter how big or small your upcoming moving project may be.

Instant Pricing

Transparent pricing. Instant quote comparisons. No hidden fees. Mod24 offers instant, straightforward, and detailed pricing for your upcoming relocation. 

Protective Covering

Protective materials such as moving blankets, tape, and shrink wrap will always be provided during your move to ensure the safety of your belongings. 

Secure Online Payment

Book online in a few minutes and secure your moving date with absolute ease. We offer online payment options that are comprehensive, straightforward, and secure.

Moving to Mercer Island, WA

Mercer Island is a city located on an island also called Mercer Island in King CountyWashington, United States, between Seattle to its west and Bellevue to its east, in King County. It is nestled on the south of Lake Washington and takes around 33.41 km². Mercer Island is known as a very affluent city with one of the richest zip codes in the whole US. The city offers an ideal mix of urban and suburban vibes and is considered to be one of the best places to live in Washington.


Mercer Island, Wa, currently has around 25.750 residents according to some of the latest statistics.


Mercer Island has a warm and temperate climate. Summers in Mercer Island are short, warm and dry and the winters are cold, wet and cloudy.

Economy: Jobs, Housing, Rental Prices

Major Employers

Mercer Island School District, MetaBrite Inc, French American School Of Puget Sound, United HealthCare Of Washington Inc, Interactive Life, countryvillageday, Yellow Wood Academy, AVG Transportation Specialists, JayMarc Homes, BayLey Construction, Mercerwood Shore Club, Semaphore and other major employers are eager to hear from you and give you a chance for working together.

Housing Prices

Homes can get quite expensive in Mercer Island and the average home value is around $1,504,500.

Rental Prices

The median rent in Mercer Island is around $2,244.

Lifestyle: Shopping, Culture, Education, Food and Sports

Shopping: 10/10

Now for all the shopaholics out there, Mercer Island will be a true heaven. Shopping centers such as Mercer Island Shopping Center or The Outlet Collection Seattle will sweep you off your feet and make you have the most amazing time!

Culture & Arts: 10/10

Mercer Island has a really strong arts community that encourages everybody to engage in different kinds of creating arts. If you are an art lover, we are sure you will find exactly what you need and more here, in Mercer Island!

Education: 10/10

If you are hoping to provide the best possible education for your kids, we have great news for you. Mercer Island is quite known for its great academic reputation and we are sure that your kids will have a great time getting all the skills and knowledge they need for their future.

Food: 10/10

Now, food in Mercer Island is on a completely another level! Whether you are hoping to take your partner to an elegant dinner date or just have a quick and easy lunch, you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Sports: 10/10

Mercer Island is a city that gives its best to support engaging in sports activities. There are many sport and athletic courts all over the city that are available for public use, a pool and many sport gear stores where you can get everything you need to start your recreational activities!

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It’s simple. We require very minimum information on the specifics of your move to generate a quote from a company of your choosing. Simply let us know about the type of move you are interested in (residential, commercial, storage, etc.) and the size of the move based on the square footage or inventory list.

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Select your pick-up location

Let us know where you will be moving from (the zip code of the pick-up location). Some companies cover multiple pick-up and delivery locations, so a pit stop won’t be an issue! Just let us know about your pick-up needs and we will create the perfect quote for you!

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It is important to select where you will be moving to – so the distance between the two locations can be calculated. Remember that your detailed moving quote may vary depending on the distance between your pick-up and delivery locations, so try to be as accurate as possible when selecting both for an online quote.

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Choose the preferred date and time for your move to take place and we will find the best moving company in Mercer Island to suit your needs!

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