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Come over to Mod24 where people can easily find the best Palo Alto Movers in just a matter of a few clicks. We have already gone through all the moving companies in Palo Alto and selected the licensed and reliable ones and it is up to you to find the mover that fits you best.

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Finding local movers in your area can become the easiest task when you become a member of Mod24. On our platform, we offer excellent local moving companies in and around your are, that are simplywaiting for that upcoming move. What's best about moving through Mod24 in that you get to choose between the many speciality moving companies that are offered throughout our website.

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If movers are not what you are looking for, but packing only, worry not. We Have a wide selection of packer only crews that will be more than happy to assist you with your packing needs We even have selection of labor only movers, movers and storage, long distance movers and many, many more. Just let us know about your moving needs, and we will gladly take it from there.

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It really depends on where you're moving from and how much stuff you're moving with. Call up the service you want, tell them the details, and ask for a quote.
On our list, you will find every suitable moving service in California that can handle your move to Palo Alto. So, your search is already done!
You can. Most services accept bank cards and may also accept other forms of payment. However, it is always best to ask first.
It depends on how far you're moving from and what you're taking with you. There is no fixed amount of time.
Just a single moving service is usually enough to meet all your moving needs and safely see you through to your new Palo Alto home.

What do I get when I book my move through mod24?

Experienced Movers

Only fully licensed and insured companies can become verified and accessible on mod24. We only use professional movers.

Loading & Unloading

Only fully licensed and insured companies can become verified and accessible on mod24. We only use professional movers.

Instant Pricing

Our services have no hidden fees. We always keep our costs transparent. What you see is what you get.

Protective Covering

Earning and keeping your trust is our top priority. Each company and mover are vetted by a team of experts.

Secure Online Payment

Our services have no hidden fees. We always keep our costs transparent. What you see is what you get.

Moving to Palo Alto

Palo Alto is a great city for the tech-savvy, and while it has a lot of job opportunities, the city can be uneventful throughout the years. The safety is top-notch and if you are looking for a city in the Bay Area that is safe and thriving, but without too much noise, Palo Alto is the city for you.


The city of Palo Alto has over 66,000 residents. About 50% of people are white, followed by the Asian population that accounts to about 35%. The other ethnicities are Latino and African Americans.


The weather in Palo Alto is pretty mundane from May to October. During these months it almost never rains and days pour over to each other, which can become pretty monotonous. Things start to feel dry by September.

Economy: Jobs, Housing, Rental Prices
Major Employers

Palo Alto has a variety of employers such as Stanford University, Palo Alto Networks, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Tesla , VMware, Caspida, Gigabeat.

Housing Prices

If you’re looking to buy a home in Palo Alto, you will need to set aside around $3.17, which is a reduction compared to 2022.

Rental Prices

There are a lot of renting options in Palo Alto, but they don’t come cheap – for an apartment, the average renting cost is $3,498.

Lifestyle: Shopping, Culture, Education, Food and Sports
Shopping: 8/10

There’s a lot of shopping opportunities in Palo Alto. You will not have a problem when it comes to spending money. Stanford Shopping Center alone has over 140 stores, but add the downtown area to it and you can embark on a shopping spree for days.

Culture & Arts: 9/10

Palo Alto is a home to Cantor Arts Center, which features a diverse collection of art and artifacts from around the world, as well as the Stanford Theatre, which hosts regular screenings of classic and contemporary films.

Education: 10/10

All we need to give Palo Alto a 10 out of 10 score is one name - Stanford University! But this worldwide-known university isn’t the only thing that makes Palo Alto great. The city is a home to high quality schools from the elementary level up.

Food: 9/10

Farm-to-table cuisine is quite popular in Palo Alto, but a large number of restaurants and an innovative and unique cuisine make this city quite an exciting place to try new foods.

Sports: 8/10

The city is located near the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains, which offer numerous hiking and biking trails. Other than that, sports at Stanford are quite exciting, which raises Palo Alto’s score at least by two.

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Tell us what you’re moving

It’s simple. We require very minimum information on the specifics of your move to generate a quote from a company of your choosing. Simply let us know about the type of move you are interested in (residential, commercial, storage, etc.) and the size of the move based on the square footage or inventory list.

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Select your pick-up location

Select your pick-up location

Let us know where you will be moving from (the zip code of the pick-up location). Some companies cover multiple pick-up and delivery locations, so a pit stop won’t be an issue! Just let us know about your pick-up needs and we will create the perfect quote for you!

Find your move destination

It is important to select where you will be moving to – so the distance between the two locations can be calculated. Remember that your detailed moving quote may vary depending on the distance between your pick-up and delivery locations, so try to be as accurate as possible when selecting both for an online quote.

Find your move destination

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Mod24 is most importantly a tool that offers flexibility when choosing the best company for your move. Choose the preferred date and time for your move to take place and we will find the best moving company in your area to suit your needs!

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Users love Mod24 for the sole convenience of comparing quotes and “having all information in one spot”. It has never been easier to find the right moving company for you and find the best price for your budget. Book in just a few simple steps and secure the best moving company for your upcoming relocation!

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