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12 Moving companies in Edmonds

Are you getting ready to move to Washington State’s first designated Creative District? If you require excellent Edmonds movers, you’re at the right place. Mod24 aims to connect you with the best moving companies in Edmonds, WA.

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Achilles Pro Movers

Booked 3 moves

(6 reviews)

starting at

$160 /h

Movers Lake Stevens

Booked 34 moves

(9 reviews)

starting at

$163 /h

The One Moving Mercer Island

Booked 0 moves

(2 reviews)

starting at

$164 /h

Strongman Issaquah

Booked 3 moves

(8 reviews)

starting at

$169 /h

Apartment Movers Seattle

Booked 14 moves

(9 reviews)

starting at

$161 /h

Simple Move Redmond

Booked 524 moves

(30 reviews)

starting at

$170 /h

Want to find out more about moving in Edmonds?

Are you getting ready to move to Washington State's first designated Creative District? If you require excellent Edmonds movers, you're at the right place. Mod24 aims to connect you with the best moving companies in Edmonds, WA.

Looking for the Best Edmonds Movers? Mod24 Can Help

We'll guide you in finding the best full-service moving company in the area that'll fit your budget and moving needs. Using the Mod24 platform is easy and free. We're not just about booking movers. We'll also handle your payments for the movers to ensure fast transactions. This way, you won't need to play "phone tag" with anyone!

Is Edmonds, WA, Good for Living?

If you're looking for a peaceful place where you can live a stress-free life with your family, this might be the one. Located in the Seattle metropolitan area, just 15 miles away from Seattle, WA, and 18 miles from Everett, this city offers urban-suburban vibes and plenty of business opportunities. It has a population of about 40,000, and most of the residents own their homes. It was established in 1876 by George Brackett and incorporated later in 1890. The first settler worked in shingle mills and logging companies. Today, this place is a regional hub for the arts - with amazing museums, major annual festivals, and downtown events. This place also offers exciting shopping options, sightseeing, physical activities, nightlife, restaurants, and more. Life here is suitable for different ages - everyone can find some enjoyable entertainment. This is a safe place, according to crime rates and data.

How much do movers cost in Edmonds?

The average price of a moving company in Edmonds is $570. The total cost may change depending on what services you need and how much stuff you have. Gather and compare quotes if you want to get the most affordable option.

ow can I find the best moving companies in Edmonds?

If you want to know which mover best suits your needs, understand your budget. Next, find out about the quality of their professional service by reading reviews and ratings. Know your needs, especially if you’re moving fragile or unique items.

Can I use digital payments to pay for moving services?

Have you already experienced the ease and convenience of using cashless services and want to use the same to pay your mover? The good news is most movers in and around Edmonds, WA, now accept digital or online payments.

How long does moving to Edmonds take?

The length of the move will depend on how many movers you hire, and the area you’re coming from, and others. If you’re coming from a nearby city, the move can be quick. If you’re also hiring packers, the moving can take the whole day.

How many movers do I need for my move to Edmonds?

On average, you’d want to hire 2-3 movers. If you have fewer things to bring into Edmonds, hiring two movers should be enough. If you want to speed up the move, get an extra set of hands.

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