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7 Moving companies in Santa Clara

Working from home is a blessing in disguise - but not if you're unhappy with your living conditions or your neighborhood! If you’re planning to move to live by Silicon Valley but not quite, consider Santa Clara! It's home to the headquarters of companies such as Intel, Advanced Micro Devices, and Nvidia and full of beautiful neighborhoods that will fill your heart with joy.

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680 Movers Elite

Booked 180 moves

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$169 /h

ABC Movers San Francisco

Booked 52 moves

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$150 /h

680 Movers

Booked 3124 moves

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$139 /h

Golden Bay Relocation

Booked 2091 moves

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$129 /h

The Moving Boys San Jose

Booked 2 moves

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$147 /h

Sunnyvale Movers

Booked 0 moves

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$147 /h

Want to find out more about moving in Santa Clara?

You won't have to worry about your childrens' education either, considering it is home to one of the oldest universities in the country, the University of California.

So, why wait? Check out our list of the best moving companies in Santa Clara, CA, and pack your bags! Whether you're moving from nearby or from across the nation, these Santa Clara movers will provide an affordable full service and help you set up your new home without any hassle.

Things You Should Know About Life in Santa Clara

As you probably already know, Santa Clara is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, making it a major technology center with many global high-tech companies, including Intel. It is also a home place to Santa Clara University, which is known as the oldest higher learning institution in California. It is known for its high safety, great diversity, and many opportunities both for business and education. It offers an urban-suburban mix feel because of its serenity and many great attractions, including exciting parks, museums, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and shopping places. The higher cost of living might be the only negative side of living here, but if you work around this area, your income should cover your daily expenses because incomes here are usually a lot higher than the US average. It is about 39 miles away from San Francisco and just 4 miles away from San Jose.

Cities covered in Santa Clara area

How to Find Reliable Santa Clara Movers in California? The Mod24 Moving App Can Be Helpful in Finding Convenient Services

Movers in Santa Clara can be hard to find if you don't know where to look. This process might get challenging without the right resources. Once you decide that you want to hire a California moving company and find the best movers in Santa Clara, we strongly advise you to rely on our app to compare moving companies and decide which option works the best for you. This app can be very convenient for those in need, it is very safe and easy to use. In the following lines, you will find more information about the way we operate, what you can expect from our services, and what the best way to optimize your search is in order to find the best solutions on the market.

How much do movers in Santa Clara cost?

The simple truth is that the price is determined by a variety of things. The parameters of a relocation, such as the distance and what types of items will need to be carried, are carefully considered before producing a quote.

How can I find the best moving companies in Santa Clara?

You'll be able to uncover them right here! Look through our directory to discover a moving company to assist you with your local or long-distance, residential, or commercial relocation. We've hand-picked the top talented, cost-effective, and experienced specialists in the California state area, and they're all eager to be hired.

Can I use digital payments to pay for moving services?

Living around Silicon Valley, CA, comes with its technological advantages. Most Santa Clara movers accept digital payments to keep up with the times. However, on the off chance that you meet someone from another era, double-check their payment methods.

How long does moving to/from Santa Clara take?

Based on your starting point and how much stuff needs to be transferred, your transit time might vary. It is safe to assume that experienced professionals will take a few hours more than what your GPS suggests.

How many movers do I need for my move to/from Santa Clara?

A single moving team is typically always hired unless you have high-quality equipment or furniture that requires experts. Because of their ability to give a comprehensive service, you won't have to be concerned about your goods being split up among other movers.

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