9 Moving companies in Oakland

Professional Movers San Francisco

Booked 102 moves

(1 reviews)

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$150 /h

680 Movers

Booked 1422 moves

(43 reviews)

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$149 /h

Golden Bay Relocation

Booked 1564 moves

(23 reviews)

starting at

$140 /h

San Rafael Movers

Booked 185 moves

(3 reviews)

starting at

$150 /h

Movers Foster City

Booked 61 moves

(1 reviews)

starting at

$150 /h

680 Movers Elite

Booked 70 moves

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starting at

$155 /h

Want to find out about moving in Oakland?

Oakland Movers

This up-and-coming coastal city is situated a bridge away from San Francisco. It is a great option for those looking for safe, affordable towns in the area. And it is so much more than just that - it's an amazing place to live and thrive. If you decide to relocate here, you will need the assistance of reputable Oakland movers that you can count on to move you efficiently. But finding the right relocation company can turn into a headache if you don't know how or where to look. That's why we're here - we will show you an easy way to find an affordable and reliable Oakland moving company. We'll also tell you what you can expect from this place if you choose to call it home, so read on.

Welcome to Oakland, California - a Town Near San Francisco

The county seat of Alameda County is not only the largest city in its county but also the largest city in the East Bay region in the Bay Area. It's also a major port-town, with the busiest port in this region and an agricultural center. Most importantly, this city is home to around 433,000 residents who love it here and wouldn't live anywhere else. And if you are thinking of joining them and moving here - you should know a bit about the place before you go looking for moving companies in Oakland, CA. So let us give you a quick overview of the city so you can decide whether or not it's the right place for you.

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Moving Here? Find the Most Reliable Oakland Movers

Hopefully, we have helped you make up your mind regarding whether or not this should be your new home. And when you do make that decision, you still have another one on the way. And it's the one regarding which movers in Oakland, California, to hire for your move. This is something we can definitely give you a hand with. We're in the business of helping people who are moving connect with the right mover in their area. Nowadays, there are so many companies and options, and the stakes are high - everything you own - so you don't want to make a mistake with the people you entrust with your belongings. So how can we help, and how do you find the right mover in Oakland to put your trust in? Use Mod24.

What's Mod24 and How Can It Help You Find the Right Moving Company in Oakland?

Because we are so familiar with moving industry challenges and issues, we decided to step in as an organization and see what we can do to solve the situation or make it better. We first ran a thorough analysis of the moving industry statistics and trends for a better understanding of the complete picture. Then we developed the Mod24 features.

So what is Mod24? Mod24 is an app that will make your search for movers in Oakland, CA, (or anywhere else, for that matter) a whole lot easier. You won't have to spend days combing through various Oakland moving companies, waiting for their estimates, trying to figure out which ones are reliable enough, and just hoping for the best. We will do that part for you, present you with the finest options for your move, and it will take no longer than a few minutes. The best part - you won't have to worry about scammers or unprofessional companies - all options are great.

How Does the Mod24 Service Work to Connect You With the Right Movers?

It's easy and simple, and everything is done online. All you have to do is register on our platform. The rest is done by us, and we do it well. Make an account, and when it's time to move, insert the date of your move, your current address, and the address you're relocating to. Then, our system will show you the available companies that could take on your move and provide you with relocation and storage services. The best part? You will be able to see and compare the prices and reviews of these companies on the spot.

Whichever service you require, from packing services to storage space, you will be able to see what you can expect from a company and what their prices for any of those services are. From that point on, it will be easy for you to make a decision about which relocation and storage services to choose. You can get your free quote and even follow the progress of your move through the app. You will also be able to stay in contact with the relocator that moves you.

Why Should You Choose Relocation and Storage Services Through Mod24?

The short answer - it's easier and better. There are far too many companies and individuals out there handling people's moves poorly. Some are outright scammers but offer good prices as bait or even have elaborate websites and fake reviews, so it's hard to see through them. Others may be legit businesses that aren't handling the moves in a good way and may end up damaging your expensive furniture or, even worse, the floors and walls of your brand new house.

When you find a relocator through our app, you don't have to worry about any of that. We only allow the most reputable companies with a proven track record to be featured on our platform, and we thoroughly vet them to make sure they are keeping up the quality of the service. Also, the reviews on our platform are all real reviews from people who have booked these movers through our app - no fake reviews, and not just anyone can leave a review. Also, you don't have to spend days on the phone with various company representatives regarding your free quote and comparing the prices - you see the prices of all relocators right then and there. You can easily compare them and opt for the one that best suits your budget.

Get a Free Quote and Follow the Progress of Your Move

When you enter your relocation data, such as your current address, your destination, and the date of your move - you will get a list of companies along with their prices and reviews. Then, after you've made your choice, you can contact the chosen mover to get your free quote and book your move. After that, you can stay in contact with the relocator during the entire process. From the moment you make a reservation until the truck arrives at your destination, you will be in touch with those handling your possessions, and you can keep tabs on the progress. You can even contact your truck driver if there's something you would like to ask them. How cool is that?

Finding a Moving Company Has Never Been Easier

All in all, if you are thinking about relocating to Oakland, you won't make a mistake. It is a great, vibrant city with lots of opportunities and charms and close to other major cities like San Francisco. If you require the services of a mover - to not make a mistake there either, join Mod24 and let our system find the one perfect for you. That way, the experience of you settling into a new home won't be a nerve-racking ordeal, but a joyful family occasion, as it should. You know where to find us. If you have any troubles or questions regarding our platform and how to use it, feel free to contact us.