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How to Pack Glasses for Moving - An Easy Guide to Protecting Glassware

Jun/13/2021 12:00 PM- Packing -

There is no need to dread unpacking if you know all the ins and outs on how to pack glasses for moving. However, if it is not the case, don't be surprised when your happiness is shattered like all that delicate glassware you didn't protect appropriately. Follow our tips and ensure that each piece of your glassware collection arrives at your new home in flawless condition.

Is Packing Glassware Similar or Different From Boxing up Other Dishes?

After listening to all the house hunting tips and finally deciding where to live, it is time to organize the move. Keep in mind that kitchen utensils should be one of the last packed items during the relocation process because they will likely be used until almost the last day. The preparation process for all glassware is the same - they all need to be washed and dried before the boxing-up begins. Even if you pack to move in a hurry, find time - you don't want to find dirty or smudged glassware when you unpack your belongings. One more action that should be common when boxing these items up is separating all dishes according to their type, whether we’re talking about pots and pans, plates, mugs, or drinkware.

However, the fragility of glassware doesn't allow you to be careless while boxing it up. The chance of a piece getting damaged is higher than with other stuff, so you need to choose the best supplies and ensure that each piece is filled and covered entirely but also properly placed in a carton. Consider us your personal sensei - we will provide you with all the necessary relocation hacks.

 Glassware with blue liquid on a small table

How to Pack Glasses for Moving - Getting the Right Supplies for Packing Glasses

As a part of relocation essentials, relocation supplies are a necessary part of the process. However, you will be presented with lots of different possibilities and choices. The key is to choose those supplies that completely suit your needs, as well as your wishes and preferences.

One of the most common things people forget to do when relocating is to get all necessary supply on time, so ensure to prepare:


     Wrapping supplies

     Stuffing material

     Tape and scissors

     Permanent marker

If you register on our moving company app, you can find multiple relocation companies that provide cartons and other supplies as a part of their basic or additional relocation service, which can be very helpful if you want new, unused cartons for your belongings. If your relocation budget allows it, always opt for dish barrels - they may be a little more expensive, but the extra protection they will provide is worth every dime.

The most common wrapping (and stuffing) supply is packing paper, which can also be provided by your relocation company, or you can order it online. Make sure to get enough of it - it can be used to cover glassware, but also for padding the box or filling the inside of every item. Newspapers could be a good replacement for clean paper, but keep in mind that the black ink can permanently damage your delicate glassware. If you are not so ecologically oriented, you can buy foam peanuts - a material made from styrofoam with the sole purpose of protecting your delicate items.


Foam peanuts and tape in a box

Moving Boxes for Glasses - Where to Get Them for Free?

If you want to save money for relocation, make sure to explore cost-free options - there is more than one out there. The online world can be an excellent start for your search - visit Craigslist or Freecycle or join different Facebook groups to find people who want to recycle their used cartons. Never forget to ask your friend and relatives if they have a box or two in their storage spaces - they will be thrilled to get rid of them.

However, a better option would be to contact your local stores in which you may be considered a regular customer. If the store's employees know you, they won't hesitate to give you their used boxes. And if it's a local drink store, a coffee shop, or a restaurant, you will hit the jackpot because there is a huge possibility that they have used dish barrels.

How Do You Pack Glasses for Moving Without Paper?

There is more than one way of boxing up your glassware paperless style that will provide you with a stress-free relocation, at least when it comes to your most breakable objects. Bubble wrap can give you even better protection than paper. Afterward, you can treat yourself to a nice session of popping bubbles (don't laugh - it can lower the level of your anxiety about relocation). Unfortunately, it is made of plastic and is not considered an eco-friendly solution.

Home-made materials, such as towels, rugs, sheets, pillowcases, clothes, and socks, are ecologically safe options. They have multiple benefits - not only will you be wrapping and filling your glassware for free, but you will also finish with boxing up your other items. However, be careful because they can provide less protection than the supplies we listed above.

Woman packing a piece of stemware with bubble wrap

What Is the Best Way to Pack Glasses for Moving - A Step by Step Guide

If you are concerned about relocation industry challenges and issues or afraid of being a part of relocation scams, learning all the steps for boxing up glassware should be marked as one of the priorities on your relocation to-do list. Using an app to compare moving companies can help you pick a reliable and trustworthy relocation firm, but if you opt for boxing up drinkware by yourself, remember to prepare a table or some other flat surface and make sure to:

     Fill the box - you want to ensure that you have the material you've chosen on each side of the carton, so that glass won't be damaged if a carton suffers some impact. That material can be paper, foam peanuts, towels, newspapers, and the like. Remember to add fabric on top of the carton, too, before closing it. 

     Put the material inside the drinkware - so your drinkware doesn't crack under physical pressure, it would be best to fill every glass. For more valuable pieces, use materials that will provide more protection and won't leave any damage.

     Cover them carefully - wrap every piece from one edge of the material to the middle. Tuck every edge of glass carefully before you continue to roll it until you run out of fabric. You can use one layer or more if you want some additional protection.

     Place drinkware in cartons - the most crucial task is to place them so that they don't move at all - test it after closing the carton and arrange your glassware differently if you hear the glass clicking.

     Label all boxes - labeling is essential for recognizing which cartons contain your breakables so that you or the movers you hired know to be especially careful with them.

     Protect the carton - if bubble wrap is your material of choice, you can use it to wrap a carton after it's closed. That way, the chance of something happening will be minimal. 

If you don't mind spending some extra money in order to move efficiently, you can always use our app for moving and look for the relocation company that can provide you with the best packing service. Let the movers worry about the tiny details so you can devote your time to those items movers won't move.

Two movers putting cartons in the truck

Relocation Day - Where to Put Each Box?

How do you pack glasses for a long-distance move is not the only important question - you will need to plan how to place them in the truck when it's finally time to leave your old house. Be worry-free if you hire a relocation company - just remember to tip movers before they leave. If you want to do it by yourself, however, make sure that you place cartons so that they move as little as possible. It would be best to arrange them inside cabinets or closets.

 Two movers putting cartons in the truck

How to Pack Glassware for Moving - Different Methods for Different Types

Previous instructions can be applied to every kind of glassware, but remember that not all drinkware is the same. You will need to adjust the instructions to different types, whether it is a wine glass, little shots for strong drinks, or beer mugs.

How Do You Pack Wine Glasses for Moving and Protect Each Glass?

Do you know how to pack wine glasses for moving? The essential thing to remember is to protect the stem as best as you can - that is the part that will break first if you are not careful. Cover it first and only then repeat the process we described above. Keep in mind that this advice goes for every kind of stemware. A particular level of care should be reserved for cristal glassware, too, if you have it on your packing list. Use more material, extra layers, harder cartons, and the like to preserve such valuables.

What About Other Pieces of Glassware?

After you succeed in boxing up the most complicated pieces, everything else should be a piece of cake. However, remember relocation tips for the following types:

     Beer mugs - if you are a beer lover, you probably have mugs in your cabinets. Boxing them up is not a complex task. There is just one thing that should be remembered - always put them on the bottom of the carton. In most cases, they are heavy and could crush smaller and lighter objects.

     Small stemless glassware - fans of strong drinks will be thrilled to know that they can wrap more than one tiny piece at the same time stacked on top of each other (but don't exaggerate, four is more than enough).

     Regular drinking glassware - those pieces you use every day are often made from stronger material and usually have no greater value. That means that you can be a little less cautious while boxing them up - try to wrap two at once.

 A full beer mug on a table

Enjoy Old Glassware in the New Home

When you've learned how to pack glasses for shipping and when days of boxing up your drinkware are behind you, it’s time to relax in your new home and enjoy some wine. Find a new space for your glassware, but don't forget the hard work you put in so you could take pleasure in drinking from it. Hopefully, it will serve you and your new friends well.

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