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We hear you!

The extensive combined experience our team has in the moving industry points to one major flaw most moving companies have – communication.

Whether intentionally or not, information is obscure, incomplete and confusing, or late, or missing; which almost always causes great problems for the clients they service.

Best communication

Idea behind the mod24

MOD24 was designed and imagined as the cure for having to deal with 20th century moving companies and their manual updates, lengthy conversations that could’ve been a text, and, most importantly, that feeling of dread you get when you realize you’ve chosen the wrong people to handle your belongings and you must now double your planned budget because of what the fine print in the back of your agreement said.

Idea behind mod
MOD 24 is for everyone

Mod24 is for everyone

For those that have EVER moved before, we know you’ve had at least one of these problems/inconveniences with your movers, and we’re happy to say it doesn’t need to happen again;

And for those that are about to move for the first time, you’re just in time for the new era of relocation – one of vetted and reputable moving companies, transparent pricing across the board, seamless online booking, shipment tracking, clear communication, and quality movers, on demand, 24/7.

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